Semi-Private Dining Room at ilili
 (212) 481-1840

The Details:

Privacy: Semi-Private
Average Price: $125 per person
Max Seated Capacity: 100
Max Standing Capacity: 115
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About the Space

Comprised of the Mirrored Room and 1/2 of the adjacent Main Dining Room, this flexible layout allows for a wide variety of events. Perfect for cocktail style receptions for up to 115 guests, and seated dinners for up to 100.

ilili means 'Tell Me' in colloquial Lebanese. For our guests, Tell Me means listening to and understanding each of their stories and creating new ones with them – ones of celebration and sharing, of long traditions and new beginnings. Every dish at ilili has its own story from the traditional recipes direct from Lebanon, to the modern updates that tell the history of our team, of our cooks and chefs who have left their mark on our kitchen, and our serving staff and managers who have been ambassadors of hospitality. Our menu is never done – we find inspiration all around, in new ingredients, new approaches, and fresh takes on old standards. ilili is a place where creativity abounds from the kitchen to the dining table, where each guest becomes an artist, creating his own palette of flavors with our dishes as the canvas and good friends as the audience.

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