Private Dining Room at Maysville
 (646) 490-8240

The Details:

Privacy: Private
Average Price: $90 per person
Max Seated Capacity: 24
Max Standing Capacity: 35
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About the Space

Maysville is an American whiskey bar and restaurant with a menu of the smoked, grilled and charred flavors that have a natural affinity for bourbon. The restaurant`s namesake is the Kentucky port town from which whiskey was first shipped out of the state. The primary downriver destination was New Orleans where the whiskey gained popularity and perhaps even acquired its name from Bourbon Street. Maysville's Private Dining Room accommodates up to 24 for a seated event and up to 35 for a standing reception. We offer a range of experiences from guided whiskey tastings to casual brunches, chef's tasting menus, and cocktail parties.

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