Parlor Buyout at The Raines Law Room

The Details:

Privacy: Private
Average Price: $80 per person
Max Seated Capacity: 65
Max Standing Capacity: 65
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About the Space

Since The Raines Law Room on 17th street opened in 2009, it has become an institution in the New York City speakeasy scene. The authenticity, secrecy and mouth watering cocktails have made The Raines Law Room a destination parlor in The Flatiron District. Upon ringing the doorbell and entering our parlor, guests escape the bustling New York City streets and are transported to another era of decadence and tranquility.
The Parlor is designed with care and attention to detail by Delphine Mauroit. The cocktail menu created by Meaghan Dorman combine both pre-prohibition gems and modern classics. We look forward to hosting you and your guests, cocktails in hand.

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