Main Dining Room at Jones Wood Foundry
 (212) 249-2700

The Details:

Privacy: Private
Average Price: $45 per person
Max Seated Capacity: 50
Max Standing Capacity: 70
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About the Space

Rooted in the proud tradition of the United Kingdom's public houses as genial gathering place for convivial eating and drinking, Jones Wood Foundry is a food driven pub. The menu, created by Chef/Partner Jason Hicks, represents the best of time-honored British culinary traditions that have been reinvigorated for 21st century palates. Every aspect of this Upper East Side pub and restaurant has been carefully crafted to evoke a sense of ownership among patrons, to assure they feel it's "theirs, an extension of their homes". From the locally sourced ingredients fueling the constantly evolving menu, to the vintage furnishings painstakingly collected by Hicks and Operating Partner Yves Jadot, Jones Wood Foundry embodies a nurturing sense of homey comfort--a reassuringly relaxed throwback to a less hectic era. The Main Dining Room is a warm rustic space with wood paneling and rich leather banquettes. Etched glass and anglophile accents decorate the walls.

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