Linné Salon at Aquavit
 (212) 957-9045

The Details:

Privacy: Private
Average Price: $175 per person
Max Seated Capacity: 30
Max Standing Capacity: 50
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About the Space

Suitable for seated events of up to 30 people or standing receptions of up to 50, the 515 square foot Linné Salon offers an intimate venue for your lunchtime board meeting or festive birthday party. The clean, Scandinavian aesthetic of the restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for both corporate and social events.

Restaurant Aquavit opened to immediate success in midtown Manhattan in November of 1987. More than two decades later, Aquavit continues to be one of New York’s most popular and highly esteemed dining destinations. The restaurant earned two stars in The Michelin Guide New York City in 2015 and was awarded three stars by the New York Times. Aquavit’s offerings are built on the cornerstones of Sweden’s 500-year-old culinary tradition. The country is surrounded by water, providing an abundance of seafood, and the land is covered by forests rich in game, berries, mushrooms and other wild foods. Short seasons inspired the custom of pickling and preserving and the signature Nordic flavor profile is a balance between sweet and salt.

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