Large Table at Rosemary’s

Up to 16 Seated

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Reservations are available at 6pm/6:30pm, and 9pm/9:30pm for parties of 8-16 people. Dinner is served family style with the choice of 2 pastas, and 2 entrees for the table. Rosemary’s is an Italian restaurant with a rooftop farm situated in the heart of Greenwich Village. Created by Carlos Suarez, the owner of Bobo and Claudette, Rosemary’s is named after Suarez’s mother and is inspired by both her home in Lucca (Tuscany) and the rich heritage of the restaurant’s Greenwich Village corner. Executive Chef Wade Moises serves seasonal Italian dishes that highlight the herbs and produce from the rooftop farm, as well as house-made pastas and a selection of focacce, as an homage to the location’s predecessor, Sutter’s Bakery.

18 Greenwich Avenue
New York 10011 NY
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Space Summary

Privacy: Public
Average Price: $75 per person
Max Seated Capacity: 16
Cuisine: Italian