Fireplace Room at Quality Meats
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The Details:

Privacy: Private
Average Price: $205 per person
Max Seated Capacity: 40
Max Standing Capacity: 65
Cuisine: ,
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About the Space

The warm, industrial décor of Quality Meats draws on cues from traditional New York City butcher shops, in the use of warm wood, stainless steel, and white marble. The space succeeds in being simultaneously rustic, inviting, and luxurious with rich details. Interior details include an homage to a traditional meat locker, with finished walnut planks covering the length of the downstairs dining room wall, butcher block end-grain wood as the primary material for the staircase, and vintage market scales that have been transformed into a lighting installation in the upstairs dining room. These elements coexist flawlessly with understated accents drawn directly from butcher shop inspiration, such as white ceramic tiles, and chandeliers made of pulleys and large steel butcher hooks. Classic New York butcher references are also evident throughout the contemporary menu and its offerings. Chef Antonio Mora distinguishes the menu and concept by creating modern interpretations of familiar dishes The Fireplace Room can be separated from the main dining area by retractable steel-paned doors. The room features stainless steel wainscoting and a working steel fireplace.

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