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The Details:

Privacy: Private
Average Price: $60 per person
Max Seated Capacity: 300
Max Standing Capacity: 508
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About the Space

The Diamond Horseshoe has been redesigned to offer a grandeur venue with the option of live world-class entertainment, a functional mad-distillery bar with curated cocktails and a unique dining experience. First opened in 1938 by theatrical showman and impresario Billy Rose, the Diamond Horseshoe was known for dinner theaters, vaudeville-style reviews, and a chorus of showgirls called "Billy Rose's long-stemmed beauties." After the landmark space was restored under the ownership of real-estate investor and patron of the arts, Aby Rosen in partnership with John Meadow's LDV Hospitality in 2013, the Diamond Horseshoe offers a customized experience with two bars, a catwalk, and optional center stage. A state of the art technical system, the Diamond Horseshoe also allows the fulfillment of special sound and light requirements - we can even customize a live performance for you!

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