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By Carolyn Stine July 25, 2019 

It’s prime summer cocktail season, and we’ve got the scoop on what you should be drinking.

With veggies, we saw brussels sprouts, then cauliflower, then shishito peppers have their moment in the sun. With grains, we saw quinoa, then freekeh, then chickpea pasta experience the spotlight. And with adult beverages, there’s no way you could miss the rise of rosé, the emergence of craft beer, or the more recent local cider movement. But what can we say, while we love food and bev trends, we’re also a sucker for a classic. And for us, that means perfectly crafted cocktails. There are not many things we long for more than that first sip of a refreshing, icy bespoke cocktail in the summertime. And the good news is, as always, we have the perfect source to bring you just that. Cody Goldstein, founder of the experiential cocktail company Muddling Memories, just so happens to specialize in crafting that seasonal cocktail that perfectly represents a moment in time. We sat down with him to catch up about seasonal summer cocktails, what’s trending in the cocktail world now, and the bespoke summer cocktail that he created for you lovely Bashed readers. Happy summer sipping!


All we want to do during the summer months is sit outside with an icey cocktail. What are some of the trends you’re seeing this summer on the bar?


One of the biggest trends in the cocktail world right now is the emergence of low ABV, or low alcohol-by-volume, drinks. I especially love low ABV cocktails in the form of the spritz and the highball. Not only are they deliciously refreshing, but they’re also low in alcohol, so they become what we bartenders call “sessionable”. In other words, you can chill out and drink low ABV cocktails over a longer period of time ,without going over the edge, so they say. This is especially appealing during those long summer afternoons that bleed into evenings, where you may enjoy a few adult beverages but also want to drink responsibly.


How are you thinking about and utilizing seasonal summer ingredients at this time of year? How does that help you to come up with the concepts for your cocktails?


I love nothing more then utilizing fresh herbs, veggies, and fruit in my cocktails. Summer feels like the perfect cocktail ingredient playtime for this. Every few weeks, something new in the produce world comes into season, so I really stay up with the seasonal windows so I know exactly what I can utilize from the farmer’s market. No matter what ingredient you use during the summer, you really can't go wrong with anything from the farmer’s markets that's straight from the garden, at its peak freshness. I also look to those farmer’s market finds to provide the flavor components in my cocktails. Summer to me means light, refreshing, icey cold, and bubbly drinks. I like to make a summer cocktail with a little sweet and a little sour component to it, and I can find all of those flavors in nature.


Have you created any cocktails that are inspired by recent travels?


I am constantly on the road, exploring new places, and travel is a huge source of inspiration for my cocktails. I was recently inspired by a trip to Capri, where they have out-of-this-world amazing limoncello and spritzes. I have been incorporating a lot of aperitifs and digestifs in long drinks for the summer. Long drinks are cocktails that are served on the rocks (with ice) that are normally around 4-6oz. Aperol is probably the most well known aperitif, but there are so many others that I have discovered in my travels. Spirits such as vermouths and amaros have also found their way in my summer cocktails, as a result.


How has your bar and your ingredient list evolved from this time last year?


Through my travels, I have been introduced to new ingredients that feel so novel and interesting to incorporate. I came across soursop, this gorgeous Caribbean fruit, that I’ve been playing around with adding to my cocktails this summer. I’m also loving pandan, which is a Southeast Asian plant that’s super aromatic and adds a basmati-like flavoring for drinks.


When enjoying a cocktail al fresco, what are your best hacks for keeping it cool and frosty despite steamy temps outside?


I ALWAYS love a frosted glass, no matter when the time of the year. I just think mentally it makes me feel like my drink is colder (#jedimindtricks). My hack is using one big ice cube, which helps to keep a drink colder and less diluted for longer than if you just threw in a handful of regular ice.


Tell us about the custom cocktail that you created for us in honor of summer, the Sipping Seaside!


The Sipping Seaside cocktail that I created is a long drink that's meant to be sipped slowly, but goes down really easy. It incorporates green ingredients such as fresh cucumber juice and mint sprigs so it feels a little healthier and brighter, while showcasing seasonality as well.


What does this cocktail pair well with? When and how should it be served? 


This cocktail pairs well with any type of BBQ or any fresh fish. I would serve this for a summer group gathering, family outing, or just laying by the pool on a weekend afternoon!

Sipping Seaside


1.5 oz Tequila

2 oz Cucumber Juice

.50 oz Midori

.50 oz Lemon

.25 oz Salted Jalapeno Syrup

4 Mint Sprigs


Add all ingredients into a shaking tin and fill with ice. Shake for 5 seconds and double strain into a collins glass with ice. Garnish with a lemon peel.

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We want to know all about your favorite summer sips. Share your seasonal cocktail picks below!

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