The La Colombe Edit: Coffee Cocktails For Your Next Brunch

By Lindsey Tauer July 10, 2019 

A successful brunch requires certain amount of strategy. If you're dining out and don’t have a reservation, you need to go early or late or somehow ingratiate yourselves to the host. If you’re feeling lucky you can try to stalk bar seats and pounce when checks are dropped off. Then you need to decide if you’re going savory or sweet with your order. Maybe you are one of the fortunate few who’s brunch companion is willing to split a plate of pancakes so you can order savory but have your sweet bites too. Then there’s the drink order, do you order the caffeine you so desperately need or a spritzer because #brunch? If you order both you’ll wind up with 3 beverages crowding the table, leaving little room for that shared pancake plate. And what happens when you're hosting? Do you make a pot of coffee, and a signature cocktail? Do you have enough glassware for everyone to order both?

We might not be able to get you the coveted table at the hottest brunch spot but we can help you out with that beverage dilemma. We’ve partnered with La Colombe coffee to come up with some delicious brunch cocktails using their canned draft lattes. Perfect for your next brunch party or whenever the craving strikes!

Southern Chocolate Milk


1 oz Rye whiskey

1 oz Swoon Simple Syrup

1 can of La Colombe Moca Draft Latte


In a cocktail shaker combine rye, Swoon and La Colombe, add a scoop of ice and shake vigorously until mixture is well combined and frothy. Pour entire contents into a tall glass (including ice) and top with more ice if desired and a splash of seltzer.


Cafe Ceylon


1 1/2 oz St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1 can of La Colombe Vanilla Draft Latte

1 cinnamon stick

Combine Nola and cinnamon in a tall glass, stir continuously until combined. Fill glass with ice and pour over La Colombe, stirring again to combine completely and garnish with a cinnamon stick.


Adult Ice Coffee


1 oz bourbon

1 oz Amaro Nonino

1 can of La Colombe Triple Shot

½ oz of heavy cream or fresh whipped cream

Combine bourbon, amaro and La Colombe in a shaker, add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a coupe or cordial glass and top with cream.

La Colombe | Coffee Cocktails
La Colombe

Greyhound Café


1 oz Escubac Botanical Spirit

1 oz Swoon Simple Syrup

1 can La Colombe Grapefruit Draft Latte

4 oz Seltzer

Grapefruit slice

Combine Escubac, syrup, La Colombe and ice, stir well then top with seltzer and a slice of grapefruit.


Carmel Egg Cream


3 oz of La Colombe Caramel Draft Latte, chilled

6 oz seltzer, chilled

1 oz pure maple syrup


Pour the La Colombe into pint glass and add seltzer until froth comes up to the top of the glass. Pour the syrup into the center of the glass and then slowly stir syrup to combine but not disturb the seltzer bubbles too much. Serve immediately.

Coffee Cocktails | Bashed

Throwing a brunch gathering this weekend? Tell us what you're serving in the comments below!

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