Using a Wedding Planner? Say These Magic Words

By Lindsey Tauer May 30, 2019 

Wedding season is upon us, which means it's also wedding planning season for all of you 2019 and 2020 brides-to-be! We caught up with our fav event planner extraordinaire, Kerri Rogers, who will be celebrating her 6-year anniversary with the Four Seasons this month, but the celebration doesn’t end there- later this year she will add a new title to her resume, “Mrs.”! We couldn't think of a more perfect person to weigh-in on how to get the most out of your wedding planner and the magic words to say or ask to ensure your wedding will be as flawless as Beyonce doing literally anything at all.

Wedding Planner Magic Words | Bashed

Back to Basics


Everything I know I learned in Kindergarten.  Okay, maybe not everything, but you had those first magic words ingrained in your mind since you could talk for a reason.  “Please” and “thank you” are your best friends and it doesn’t matter what industry or position you are in. Manners, respect and a friendly demeanor go a long way in creating a beautiful relationship between you and your clients, colleagues and vendors, so as they say, “in a world where you can be anything, be kind”.


Be Your Guest


Creating a timeline allows every detail to fall into a sequential structure- it is the backbone for your event.  When developing your timeline, do so from a guest’s point of view. This is where your event planner comes in as they lots of expertise.  Ask them to walkthrough the event with you as a guest would navigate it from start to finish- where is check in, what music is playing, where do they get food & drinks, etc.  On paper, a timeline could look perfect, but it’s not until you physically walk it yourself that you will know little tweaks that need to be made to optimize your guests experience.


I’ll Have What She’s Having


When you heed any of your vendor’s advice you are setting yourself up for success.  The chef knows the dish that they feel most comfortable with given the size of your group, the florist knows which flowers are seasonal and will look beautiful in your venue, the event planner knows the best room layout to maximize space while still maintaining a great flow.  Saying “I trust you” instills confidence in the team you hired. Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t have questions or suggestions of your own but being open to the advice of these seasoned pros and who have been there and done that (and seen that), really adds unmatched value.


Dream Team Unite!


Rely on your event or venue coordinator not solely for advice on the nitty gritty, but also for vendor recommendations in order to assemble your all-star squad!  When you ask, “Who have you worked with?”, “Who do you enjoy working with?” And, most importantly, “Why?” They can then make recommendations of vendors that they have teamed up with both successfully & unsuccessfully, who they enjoy working with (no drama here!) and who is reliable and professional.  You are only as strong as your weakest link and one vendor who is not on the same page, can seriously add some unnecessary stress and who wants that?!


Did We Just Become Best Friends?


If your vendors aren’t familiar with each other, introducing and connecting them, early if you can, is essential to a successful soirée!  You may not think the photographer and the venue coordinator need to connect before the event, they could discuss things like timing, storage for equipment, the best spots for photography on site, etc. All important details that may have been overlooked and figured out on the fly.  Details can slip through the cracks, so introducing your vendors is a great safeguard- adding more eyes and ears on your event never hurts, plus they each get to make a new friend!

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