Good to the Last [Non-Dairy] Drop

By Carolyn Stine May 15, 2019 

We’re here to help you master the art of at-home mylk-making.

Got mylk?

Moooove over, cow’s milk. When we first saw the likes of Silk and Almond Breeze popping up on grocery store shelves years ago, we were intrigued as to whether this would be a passing craze, or a warranted health movement. And we’re happy to report that non-dairy mylks are here to stay. Whether you have health concerns or sustainability concerns on your mind, or just really don’t like the taste of cow’s milk, we’ve seen an emergence of a wide variety of tasty non-milk alternatives. But alas, per usual, we took things a step further. As a by-product of always reading our food labels to ensure that we’re getting the highest quality food out there, we began pondering how we could make these tasty non-dairy mylks at home in our own kitchens. Not only would this help us to know exactly what goes into our mylk (read: no preservatives, no hidden sugars, no fake ingredients), but it allows us to use less plastic and to ensure that our mylk is the epitome of fresh to death. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you can buy your nuts and oats in the bulk bins at your local grocery store to be as cost effective as possible. And yet, on top of all of this upside, our favorite part of making non-dairy mylks at home has been customizing them to our heart’s content, and trying out a veritable rainbow of flavors and combos. From plain and basic to seriously culinary, we’re bringing you the ins and outs of how to make non-dairy mylks in your very own kitchen.

Let’s Talk Shelf Life

Probably the single veritable caveat to making mylks at home is that they have a shorter shelf life than the mass-produced goods at the grocery store. The rule of thumb when whipping these mylks up in your own kitchen is that they last for about five days maximum, on average. While that may sound like a short amount of time, we’ve found that they rarely last this long in our household. Not only do we add these myks to our morning coffee and tea, but we use them in smoothies, with cereal, and on our oatmeal. We’ve even tried freezing them in popsicle molds! The sky’s the limit for inventive ways to use up your fresh mylk.

Tools for the Job

We’ve put together the list of essentials that you will need to have in your kitchen in order to embark on a non-dairy mylk-making journey of your own.


  • A high-speed blender or food processor for blending. While you don’t need to go top of the line, this Vitamix is absolutely genius for nut mylks.


  • Apparatus for straining your nut mylk. Our favorite option here is to purchase nut milk bags. These are inexpensive, reusable, washable, and BPA free. You can put the bag in a bowl and pour the mylk through it, which can be easier than using cheese cloth with only one set of hands.


  • Cheese cloths, if you have them on hand, can also be a great way to strain your mylk after blending. When in doubt, or in a pinch, a clean kitchen towel will do the trick too!


  • Airtight container for storage. Keep your nut mylk fresh for as long as possible by storing it in your fridge in an airtight bottle. We love that these are impossibly chic and minimal, as well.
DIY nut mylk | Bashed

Our Essential Recipe

Once you make homemade non-dairy mylk for the first time, you’ll see how easy and delicious it truly can be. Note that when you’re making nut mylk, the extra step of soaking the nuts in advance is required, which adds an element of planning ahead to your process. If making a non-nut mylk, such as oat mylk, no soaking is required.

Our favorite mylks as of late have been almond, cashew, macadamia, hazelnut, and oat, but with this all-purpose basic recipe, you can sub in any nut (or non-nut, such as oats) that your heart desire. This recipe is courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.

Non-Dairy Mylk

Makes 32 oz.



1 cup raw nuts (no skins) cooked rice or oats

4 cups filtered water



If you’re making nut milk, cover the nuts with water and soak overnight. Skip this step if using oats or rice.

Drain the nuts if using them. Add them (or your oats or rice) to a blender with 4 cups of filtered water. Process on high for 1 minute. Taste and adjust as needed. If you prefer a thinner consistency, you can add more water at this point, too.

Pour the milk through your straining medium.  Transfer your non-dairy milk to an airtight container and refrigerate. It’s normal for it to separate in the refrigerator—just give it a shake and it’s ready to drink!

All of the Variations

Once you master the basics of non-dairy mylk-making, you can customize your mylk to your heart’s content. That could mean mixing different types of nuts together (cashew and macadamia is an excellent combo), adding a teaspoon of honey for sweetness, or going wild with inventive flavor combinations. These are some of our all-time favorites for punching up your mylk with flavor.

Golden Mylk

We all know that tumeric has incredible anti-inflammatory properties, but what we didn’t know is that it tastes so darn good. This golden mylk recipe also incorporates ginger and cinnamon for a warming, cozy flavor.


This beverage is the ultimate treat every time we go to Mexico, and blends almonds and rice with vanilla and cinnamon for a seriously transportive mylk experience.

Chocolate Mylk

Remember the days of Hershey’s chocolate milk? Move over Hershey’s, because this chocolate almond mylk blows that out of the water. The flavor is so rich, and satisfies our chocolate craving every time.

Strawberry Mylk

Whether you end up making this with strawberries, sub in raspberries or blueberries, or throw in a blend of all of the above, this mylk tastes so darn decadent.

Maple Pecan Mylk

Not that you can’t enjoy this mylk 365 days per year, but this one is a particular favorite of ours in the cold weather months. That fresh maple flavor feels so fall, and the seeds from a real vanilla bean bring Milk Bar-level vanilla flavor.

Have an inventive nut mylk you’ve whipped up in your own kitchen? Share all the deets with us below!

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