Sip Into Spring With These Fresh Cocktails

By Carolyn Stine April 22, 2019 

We caught up with our favorite mixologist who shows us the in’s and out’s of whipping up a seasonal cocktail that screams “spring!”.

Is it bad that our seasonal staple once the sun peeks its head out from behind the clouds is rosé? Asking for a friend, of course. We’ve become so accustomed to ordering Whispering Angel at cocktail hour, stocking our bar carts with it, and pouring it over dinner that we barely even pause any longer when folks inquire, “And what will you be having today?” So what we are asking ourselves, in anticipation of the spring and summer seasons, is how we’ve forgotten all of the other delicious beverages out there that can be consumed on a sunny spring day? Has rosé made us lazy, and if so, what can we do to fix this? The answer, as always, came in the form of the wonderful company that we keep. We sat down with Cody Goldstein, the founder of Muddling Memories, a boutique experiential cocktail company, to reacquaint ourselves with all of the incredible spirits out there and at our fingertips right now. Not only is he talking about what he has in his bar at this time of year, but what ingredients are the freshest, and how you can put them together in your own home to create the perfect spring cocktail.


So spring has officially sprung, and it could not have come soon enough. What does this seasonality mean to you in terms on how you’re making cocktails as the weather warms up?


The spring is all about a feeling of freshness for me. I think of colors in a palette of light greens and also of reds when I think of springtime. To be able to go to a farm and pick ingredients, right where they are grown, is one of the most exciting and satisfying parts of my job. I love being able to support local growers who spend the effort to create beautiful produce for us to eat. This is what springtime quintessentially means to me - freshness and new beginnings.


What are the key ingredients, themes, and flavors you’re using for spring in your cocktails for Muddling Memories?


For this spring, it's all about the fresh herbs. The first ingredients that come to mind are fresh, bright herbs such as mint, basil, and coriander. I also immediately think of tomatoes and strawberries for both sweet and savory cocktails. Certainly keeping flavors bright and bold is important during spring because you want to maximize that freshness that I just can’t get enough of. I tend to lean more towards a light, refreshing cocktail with less alcohol by volume during the spring months. A cocktail that you can sit outside in the sunshine and enjoy over a long period of time, preferably with ones you care about.


Why should we be drinking a cocktail this spring, instead of cracking open a chilled bottle of rosé (aka the mothership)?


Plenty of cocktails are a great substitute for that glass of rosé if you just want to sip and enjoy something without the punch of hard alcohol. I really enjoy drinking highballs outside when its warm. I essentially take one part of a spirit that has a lot of flavor (such as sherry, campari, or St Germain) and add four parts soda water and a lemon twist. It's super refreshing and could not be easier to execute. I also think a Sake Spritz will have a moment this summer, as it’s typically served chilled and has really great notes of floral and citrus that are perfect for this time of year.


How can we refresh our bar for the spring season? What should we swap out and what should we add? We’re thinking of it as spring cleaning for our bar cart.


First, we need to make room for the new stuff coming in, so I would take those bottles of dark liquor and put them towards the bottom of your bar set-up. While I love whiskey in all forms, it can be difficult to find its place on a sunny beach or patio at this time of year. I would also remove the red wine, as lighter bodied wines and rosés tend to pair nicely with a little vitamin D. This leaves some room to bring in things like blanc vermouths, which can be a fun sipper on ice during the spring. Served chilled, these fortified wines are a nice substitute to your typical white or rosé wines, and have a little more sweetness. Also, find a space for a great bottle of Cava, which is the spanish version of sparkling wine. Give this bottle a few hours in the fridge before popping the cork. Think of this as the cheaper but just as handsome version of your favorite special occasion champagne.


Tell us about the custom cocktail that you created for Bashed readers in honor or springtime!


For the Bashed readers, I have created “Have the Hots for You,” a delicious tequila cocktail that uses springtime-inspired elements and keeps with the theme of lush greens. The drink is named is a blend of tequila, fresh lime juice, salted simple syrup, triple sec, cucumber, and jalapeno. You get a little spice, a little sweet, and a little savory all in one sip. This is the perfect cocktail to make at home when you have friends over, as it can also easily be batched ahead of time to save you time and energy.


What does this cocktail pair well with? When should it be served?


This cocktail pairs well with just about anything, but would recommend it with some great fish or even a lighter piece of meat such as chicken. It is also a great option for vegetarians and vegans, as well as anyone who is gluten-free. i see this cocktail being served at picnics, outdoor weddings, or even at a dinner party with friends.

Have the Hots for You



2 ounces of blanco tequila

.75 ounce of lime juice

.50 ounce salted simple syurp

.25 ounce triple sec

3 slices of cucumber, muddled

2 rings of jalapeno, muddled



Combine all ingredients into a shaker or tall pint glass, add in your lime juice, simple syrup and triple sec and muddle for 3 seconds. Add in your tequila and fill shaker with ice. Shake for 5 seconds and strain into a rocks glass with ice. Garnish with a cucumber ribbon.


Love this Muddling Memories cocktail? Check out another one of Cody’s exclusive Bashed cocktails here.

Are you an at-home mixologist? What are you buying at your local farmers market to add to your seasonal spring drink creations? Share below!

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