The Best Canned Beverages for Spring

By Carolyn Stine April 8, 2019 

The top ten ways to celebrate spring with a canned beverage on the go.

The first day of spring has come and gone. The temperature is slowly warming up. Buds are forming on the Central Park trees. You know what season it is… drinking al fresco season (insert Vince Vaughn’s explosive gestures from Wedding Crashers here). So naturally, we’re out here dreaming of picnics in the park, coolers at the beach, and curbside tables at happy hour. While springtime is often equated with spring cleaning (and spring purging) for some, we’re choosing to take this change in seasons as a chance to hit the refresh button and check out all of the new, exciting, and refreshing beverages out there. We’ve been tracking the rise in quality canned beverages across a range of categories (read: not just beer anymore) and have been feeling all the feels getting to sample them all. From alcoholic seltzer (yes, seltzer!), to a classic French 75 in a can, to cannabis-infused concoctions, there is a marketplace full of new, inventive, and exciting options out there. So without further adieu, we bring you the Bashed guide to the best canned beverages for spring that will add a little spring in your step this season.

Bashed | Best Canned Bevs For Spring
Courtesy of Ramona

Wine? Check. Spritz? Check. Organic? Check. Insanely cute packaging design? Check. Meet our ultimate warm weather beverage. We love the cheeky packaging, crisp citrus flavors, and their female-driven mission to democratize canned wine. Ramona is currently offered in ruby grapefruit and lemon, but we’re sure that there are more delicious flavors to come too. You can learn more about their badass founder, Jordan in our Tastemaker Talk, too.

When we were first introduced to White Claw, we were positively dumbfounded. You mean, there’s an alcoholic version of our favorite La Croix? Sign us up, immediately. The alcohol in White Claw comes from naturally fermented sugars, and they don’t use artificial flavors or sweeteners. Our current faves are the mango and black cherry, but you can’t go wrong with any of their fruity selections.

Bashed | Best Canned Bevs for Spring
Courtesy of Pampelonne

Remember when we penned that piece on our picks for the prettiest beers and ciders out there? Well, we think we may have found the prettiest canned sparkling wine cocktails out there, courtesy of Pampelonne. Inspired by summer beachside sipping in St. Tropez, this brand uses only French wines and focuses on classic cocktails such as the French 75 and negroni. The striped packaging and pops of color make them an absolute joy to pull out of your cooler on a sweltering day.

Billed as the cleanest alcohol available, this organic, gluten-free sake beverage was born from the female founder’s thyroid cancer diagnosis in her twenties. Through the process of striving to stay healthy post-treatment while not compromising on being social, these sparkling sake cans were born. Not only are they are insanely refreshing, but they will save you from buyer’s remorse the next day with their consciously-sourced ingredients. Check out the hibiscus cucumber and elderflower apple flavors, pretty please.

Bashed | Best Canned Bevs for Spring
courtesy of You & Yours

All of the classics, right at your fingertips in one gorgeous can. You & Yours takes classic cocktails, from a gin and tonic to a Moscow Mule, and does the mixing for you. All cocktails contain spirits distilled in the San Diego-based distillery by owner/head distiller Laura Johnson. We're keeping these stocked for all our "portable drinking" needs!

Remember those days of yore sipping a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and feeling tres cool? This is the equivalent for adults, but with an amazing history, cheery packaging, and plussed-up ingredients. Based on the iconic drink by this name, which was original served at The Pequot Inn on Fishers Island, this combo of vodka, whiskey, and natural lemony goodness is like sunshine in a can.

Recess | Best Canned Bevs for Spring

Both hemp extract and adaptogens come together to infuse this sparkling water, and the effect that Recess is going for is “not tired, not wired… how you wish that 2pm coffee made you feel.” The blackberry chai is positively perfect, and we love that the ingredients are all natural and intentionally combined. The adaptogens help your body to adapt to stress, resist disease, and increase our energy and endurance, to boot.

Is it even summer without a shandy? The Radler from T.W. Pitchers’ features a fabulous infusion of blood orange and grapefruit for that buzzy citrus twist, and we can’t get over the adorable label featuring a mustached unicycle rider (spoiler alert: the unicycle wheel is a GRAPEFRUIT slice!)

Bashed | Best Canned Bevs for Spring
Courtesy of New Holland

Ever tried a blueberry gin lemonade? Sounds like a fancy cocktail on the menu at your local speakeasy, doesn’t it? Think again - this is only one of the many delightful canned cocktails being served up by New Holland Brewery. Our other pick is their Holland Mule, which features a refreshing splash of spicy ginger beer.

What’s your spring canned beverage of choice? Share with us below (and happy sipping!)

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