8 Ways to Bake The Best Bread at Home

By Carolyn Stine April 4, 2019 

The 8 best methods for baking the bread of your dreams in your very own kitchen.

With all of the opinions out there on both sides of the bread versus no bread debate (Grain brain? Wheat belly? Help!), it’s enough to make a gal’s head spin (and not in a sexy, right round way). Here at Bashed, we figure that, as with most things, the key is to get back to basics and enjoy items in their purest forms, without the additives, preservatives, and ingredients we cannot possibly pronounce that so often frequent the processed items at the grocery store. In the case of our beloved bread, we’ve been embarking on a mission to enjoy the process as much as the end product, and for us that means learning to bake bread at home, in our own kitchen.

In its purest form, bread is an incredible simple feat to achieve. It takes very few, simple ingredients, and nothing more than a bit of time and care in order to get a beautiful end product that is as fresh as it is natural. It also doesn’t hurt that it can be used in so many recipes, given as a vastly underrated hostess gift, and stored in the freezer  with a near-infinite shelf life (although we dare you not to gobble a fresh loaf up in a few short days). Whether you’re looking for that classic sandwich bread you remember from childhood, a perfectly shaped baguette, or even a gluten-free loaf for our celiac mamas out there, we’ve curated a list of the most delicious recipes that you can reference time and time again as you begin to bake bread at home in your own kitchen.

The Classic

A little something that we like to call Wonder Bread, but with infinitely more flavor and less artificial nonsense. Also known as a Pullman loaf, we love a classic, white sandwich bread that slices easily and is perfectly fluffy inside. This is our go-to especially when we travel, as we prep our own sandwiches to bring on road trips and long flights so that we’re not eating mystery meat on the plane. This white bread recipe is our holy grail for perfect bread at home, every time.

No Knead To Sweat

For those times when you’re looking for that gloriously craggy, rustic loaf, this no-knead recipe is both beautifully simple and absolutely delicious. It has four simple ingredients that you combine into dough and leave overnight before shaping into a rough ball and throwing it in the oven. As Barefoot Contessa would say, “how easy is that?!”. This is the dough that you want to serve alongside hearty soup or a saucy pasta dish to soak up all of the juices.

Bashed | How to bake bread at home


At the risk of sounding shallow, we adore the baguette for its beautiful shape alone. But the fact that it tastes delicious and pairs perfectly with so many of our entertaining recipes makes us love it all the more. Baguettes are unique in that they depend on steam in your oven to slow down the formation of the crust so that the bread can fully rise. We cut them into rounds to use as crostini in our appetizer spread, and also slice them in half when making the perfect garlic bread. Also, don’t underestimate the power of showing up to a dinner party with a homemade baguette in hand for the host or hostess to serve or enjoy for breakfast the next day.

Stay Wholesome

If rich, nutty flavor is more your style, look no further than this whole grain seeded bread. It uses a mix of oats, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds, along with whole wheat pastry flour, to create an incredibly textured and flavorful bread. This is one of our absolute favorites for breakfast. Whether slicing avocado and cherry tomatoes on top or slathering it with almond butter and fresh jam, this bread is a hearty companion to your meal.

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GF That Is Delicious AF

One of the most beautiful boules that we ever did see! After eating many a mediocre (or let’s be honest, less than mediocre) slice of gluten-free bread, we began scouring for a recipe that didn’t compromise on taste or texture, even when the traditional glutinous flour was omitted. The clear winner is this artisan-style gluten-free boule. It’s the closest thing that we’ve found to a classic bread, and even our non-gluten-free friends have enjoyed it immensely (and reached for a second slice!)

Roll Models

The ultimate staple when entertaining, Parker House rolls harken back to dinner parties of yore. They come out of the oven as one slab of rolls, and you can either separate them before they hit the table, or let your guests pull them apart themselves for a fun, interactive element. The top coat of butter doesn’t hurt, either.

Need For Seed

This seeded keto bread is a bit of a bread unicorn, to say the least. While the words “keto” and “bread” don’t often get paired together, this one caught our eye and we were so pleasantly surprised not only by the taste, but by its nutritional profile. To be plain, this bread is made entirely from seeds (hello, good fat!). It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and also free of eggs and sugar, but it feels incredibly rich and dense. We love this bread as a snack in the afternoon with some hummus, or as our breakfast in the morning.

Bashed | How to bake bread at home

Sweet For Sourdough

Ah, the holy grail of homemade bread. It’s also the gift that keeps on giving, as you can keep and nurture your sourdough starter for many years to come. Check out our fermentation guide for our favorite Bashed recipe for making sourdough in your own kitchen.

Buttery Brioche

We never met a brioche we didn’t like (we dream about it, in fact). Brioche is characterized by it’s high butter and egg content, so it has an incredible luxurious and decadent flavor profile. Although we love it on its own, literally straight out of the oven, it is also beyond incredible as the base of your weekend brunch French toast. Trust us.

Bashed | bake bread at home

Pizza Party

Looking to give your local pizza joint a run for its money? We rounded up all of our favorite pizza dough recipes, from classic to no-rise, in our guide to DIY pizza.

Bread-baking aficionado, or just starting out on your baking journey? Either way, we’d love to hear from you about your experiences baking bread at home!

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