7 Ways To Use Up An Open Bottle of Wine (Besides Drinking it)

By Carolyn Stine March 21, 2019 

I didn’t finish the bottle and I don’t want to waste it… HELP!

Over the years, we’ve encountered many a scenario where we’re happily opening up a bottle of vino at home. When we lived alone, we would crack open a bottle knowing that we really only wanted a glass or two. When we’ve lived with a friend or partner, we would often find that there was one glass left at the bottom of the bottle. And when we entertain, we normally have multiple wounded soldiers left the morning after our soiree. The common denominator here is that we often find ourselves with an open bottle of wine that sits on our counter, and which we end up (guiltily) pouring down the drain a few days later.

The thing about that is, it absolutely drives us crazy. Wasting perfectly good wine, whether it’s a few sips or half a bottle, feels like an abomination. We love wine. Why would we do such a thing?! So we made it our mission here at Bashed to never waste a drop again. The end result of that mission is our guide to how to reuse and repurpose that leftover wine into a fantastic meal the next day. So whether you’re drinking white, red, or rosé, we’ve got you covered for your next wine-fueled culinary adventure.

Use the Open Bottle of Wine in these great recipes

White Wine

Mussels with White Wine

One of the most classic pairings out there, mussels and white wine is truly a match made in culinary heaven. What we love about this recipe is that it is served alongside grilled bread and a decadent homemade aioli that perfectly complements the white wine broth. Fresh thyme and lots of garlic round out this dish, which you can serve as either an appetizer or a hearty main course.

Try it with: Chenin blanc



Pasta all’Amatriciana

Spicy, meaty...winey? We think that’s a word and we’re going with it. This heavenly pasta dish fooled us because we normally make our bolognese with red wine, but this spicy tomato-based sauce actually calls for white. The great thing about this recipe is that you can serve it over any base you’d like. The recipe traditionally calls for bucatini, but we also love it over Banza chickpea pasta or zucchini noodles.


Try it with: Gavi di Gavi


Roasted Cod with Olives, Lemon, and White Wine

Any recipe that gives us 20 minutes to relax while it cooks away in the oven is immediately at the top of our lists. This one has quickly become one of our weeknight go-tos, and can easily be served over salad greens or cauliflower rice to make it more hearty. The combo of zesty lemon, briny olives, tender fish, and dry white wine is absolutely unbeatable.


Try it with: Sauvignon blanc

Open Bottle of Wine turns into great recipes


Provencal Lamb Stew with Rosé

We love a beef bourguignon, but this is the recipe that we turn to when we want to mix things up a little bit. It’s still classic French, but there’s a rustic, homey feel to this incredible stew. It’s a fantastic dish for entertaining on a chilly night, or make it as a solo venture (the leftovers freeze really well).


Try it with: Provence Rosé


Apricots and Plums Poached in Rosé

Let’s face it, sometimes we’re looking for a sweet ending to our meal, and we want something more substantive than a piece of dark chocolate, but something less decadent than the whole funfetti cake. That’s when we turn to this incredible poached fruit recipe. Not only is it ridiculously easy and quick to make, but it has a depth of flavor from the vanilla, wine, and lemon zest that feels straight-up fancy.


Try it with: Grenache Rosé

Use the Open Bottle of Wine in these great recipes
Photo by Tuukka Koski for Bon Appetit

Red Wine

Lentil Stew with Citrus and Red Wine

Was there ever a better way to spruce up the humble lentil than with red wine, chorizo, and fresh oranges? In our book, no way. We’ve whipped up this recipe both as a Friday night main course, alongside that pinot noir, or as a side dish when entertaining. Either way, the flavors are off the charts, and it’s a surprisingly affordable option when you buy the lentils in bulk.

Try it with: Pinot noir

Chocolate Cake with Red Wine Glaze

If we wrote an autobiography, the title might be “we never met a chocolate cake we didn’t like.” However, this one is just extra. The cake itself is dense and rich, but the real star of the show is the ooey-gooey chocolate glaze, which features a hefty pour of red wine for out of this world flavor. It’s also a win for entertaining because you can make both the cake and the glaze in advance, and it only continues to taste better as you allow the flavors to mingle.

Try it with: Sangiovese

What's your favorite way to use up that last bit of vino in the bottle? Let us know in the comments below!

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