7 Ways To Remake Takeout Leftovers

By Carolyn Stine March 15, 2019 

Chicken and broccoli, naan, that ubiquitous white rice... reinvent them all the next day!

Although cutting back on our (strong) takeout game was one of our resolutions for 2019, there’s just nothing that can fully separate us from that chicken tikka masala order on a chilly Sunday evening. Or the burrito from that Mexican spot around the corner. Or that pho…

But one of the ways that we’ve been able to justify these takeout delights is that we’re able to repurpose our leftovers into incredible meals the next day. That’s right, tossing the cold leftovers the next day is a thing of the past, people. Not that we don’t love reheated lo mein, but sometimes we’re not in the mood to have the same meal twice, and that’s where we come in with the creative save. We rounded up all of our top takeout picks, and how you can easily and deliciously parlay them into a sexy new meal the morning after.

how to remake takeout leftovers

Thai Takeout

We’ve all been there - the not-so-great sauce-to-goodies ratio in your Thai red curry. You’ve picked out all of the chicken and veggies and potatoes and are left with a bath of curry soup. Never fear, we got you. Take that leftover curry goodness and transform your next-day chicken salad for lunch. Poach chicken breasts, shred them, and toss them up with the curry, a dollop of plain Greek yogurt, and some slivered almonds and golden raisins for crunch and sweetness. We love this served in lettuce wraps, over greens, or on an old-school sandwich.

Indian Takeout

Next time garlic naan is on the takeout docket, reinvent it the next day as a breakfast of champions. Yes, we’re talking about a naan breakfast burrito. Toast up that naan in a little bit of coconut oil in your saute pan so the outside gets golden, then roll it up with slice avocado, scrambled eggs, and a drizzle of your favorite hot sauce.

Remake takeout leftovers

Chinese Takeout

So you had a craving that harkened back to childhood, and sprang for the classic chicken and broccoli. Welp, once you polished off those egg rolls, there wasn’t much room left for the epic-sized portion of your entree du jour. So what’s a girl to do? Make a chicken and broccoli quesadilla, of course. Heat up your tortilla of choice the next morning, add a healthy sprinkling of your favorite cheese, and shred the chicken and chopped-up broccoli right on top. We recommend dipping it in a side of that leftover duck sauce.

Mexican Takeout

Let’s have some real talk here - who doesn’t go ham on the chips and guac when they order Mexican food? While it is delicious, it doesn’t always leave much room for the massive burrito and/or tacos that we ordered as well. Alleviate the leftover guilt by whipping up a Mexican frittata the next morning, which can serve as breakfast or lunch (or both). Pull out the shredded carnitas and beans from that burrito and stir it into your egg base, topping the frittata with leftover salsa, hot sauce, and cilantro.

Japanese Takeout

Anytime we order a hot entree from our favorite Japanese spot (also known as, cheating on sushi), we love the food but don’t know what to do with all.that.rice. The solve? Whip up a breakfast fried rice the next morning. Raid your freezer for frozen peas (other veg can work too), use up any leftover veggies and herbs in your fridge, and saute the rice with two eggs, a hefty drizzle of soy sauce, and a smidge of wasabi if you’re feeling spicy.

Burger Joint Takeout

We have to be honest - sometimes we cheat on french fries with our beloved tater tots. And when the leftovers are cold the next day, we usually end up tossing them. That is, until we discovered that tater tot casserole is a THING. This is an especially good option for when the burger n’ tots order was a late night situation, and we may not be feeling so hot the next day. This hearty casserole is the perfect coat-your-stomach fix for lunch or dinner.

Remake these takeout leftovers

Vietnamese Takeout

Are you pho real? Next time pho is on the menu from your local Vietnamese joint, you don’t need to toss the leftover broth down the drain. Take that flavorful broth and make an incredibly easy fish dish from it for dinner. Grab your favorite white fish (we love halibut or cod) and pan-saute it, then serve it in the heated-up pho broth, alongside fixins’ like bean sprouts, scallions, and sliced thai basil.

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