How To Throw a Sip and See

By Carolyn Stine February 21, 2019 

We’re giving you the skinny on the new breed of shower for you and your little one.

These days, we have a lot of decisions that we need to make on the reg. Almond milk, or Oatly? Thin crust, or neapolitan? Barolo, or Malbec? Baby shower, or sip and see? Wait… what’s a sip and see??

Hold the phone, ladies. Here at Bashed, we’re constantly doing our due diligence on all of the new, noteworthy, and up-and-coming trends in the world of entertaining. So when we started hearing that more and more of our friends and family members were throwing sip and see parties, we knew that we needed to investigate (vintage Mary Kate and Ashley-style). Welcome to the comprehensive Bashed guide to throwing a sip and see. We put together all of the details you need to know in order to pull off your very own sip and see soiree, and to enjoy every minute of hosting it.


A sip and see party is when you invite your friends and family members to meet your little one for the very first time. It’s essentially an open house where your loved ones can stop by, have a bite and a sip (and now the new mama can drink with them!), and share a cuddle with the newest addition to your family.


The new mama normally hosts the sip and see herself, in her own home. It’s less formal than a bridal shower, and you don’t need a relative or close friend to “throw” the party for you, nor do you need to select a destination outside of your casa. You’ll want to think about seating in advance, and make sure that your family room or biggest open space has lots of options for guests. Consider pulling in that bench from your bedroom or stools from the kitchen so that everyone has somewhere to perch as they admire your littlest one.


This is a great opportunity to have anyone you’re close with over to meet your bundle o’ love. Unlike a baby shower, which is normally for women, you can invite anyone and everyone who matters to your sip and see, including spouses and families. We also like inviting loved ones from out of town, who may not have been able to visit during your pregnancy.

One thing to keep in mind is that the health of your little one is the most important thing here. Make sure that guests wash their hands before holding the baby (you can even put out cute paper napkins in the guest bathroom because it will be a high-traffic zone). You can also check in with guests the week of the sip and see and politely request that if they are not feeling 100%, they sit this one out and visit another time. If all else fails, you can make the personal decision to keep your baby in a carrier on your person and not pass it around - it’s all about your comfort level here!

From an invite perspective, do not feel like you need to send out formal invitations for this fete, as you would for a baby shower. A simple and joyful email blast will do, just make sure that you send it with enough time for loved ones to mark their calendars and save the date.


A sip and see is best thrown on a Saturday or Sunday, during the day or early evening. Designate a specific time slot, and let your loved ones know that they can drop in, and come and go as they please. This will be really helpful in controlling the flow of people - you’re more likely to get one-on-one time with smaller groups of people, as opposed to 30 friends arriving at once who all want to hold your baby!


Light nibbles are all you need to serve at a sip and see, as no one is expecting a full meal or anything formal for dining. We recommend creating a buffet-style spread in your kitchen, so that guests can help themselves as they come in and out.

One of our favorite ways to do this is to turn your kitchen counter into a deconstructed cheese board spread, with all the accoutrements. We love this because it can be as DIY or as semi-homemade as you’d like it to be, as we all know that new mamas don’t always have all the time in the world to spend in the kitchen. You can purchase and assemble a variety of nuts, dried fruits, cheeses, and olives, and serve alongside a few variations of crackers. A crudites tray with hummus and a fruit plate as always big winners as well, and can easily be purchased from your local Whole Foods.

If you’re going the homemade route, we love making the bar nuts from Union Square Cafe, and marinating olives with lemon rind and herbs for a pop of flavor. For the veggies, it’s a cinch to whip up this edamame guacamole recipe that we’re sure your guests won’t be able to get enough of.


Because the sip and see is normally a daytime to early evening event, there’s no need to feel like you should have a fully stocked bar or signature cocktail at the ready. You can go ultra simple here - stock your fridge with bottles of bubbly, and have an ice bucket at the ready to stow a few bottles of your favorite champagne that guests can help themselves to as the day flows on. We also like having two kinds of mixers on hand for guests who aren’t ready for straight champagne (orange juice and pear or peach juice always please a crowd). Go with disposable glassware so that you don’t find yourself having to hand-wash those crystal flutes from your wedding at the end of the evening when you’re exhausted. Tossware makes some of our favorite champagne flutes that still look sophisticated and chic.


While baby showers often have a registry that guests purchase their gifts off of, it’s up to you whether you would like to specify “no gifts” on the invite or not. If you already had a baby shower thrown for you, we prefer to request on the invite that guests simply bring themselves. Your guests will most likely not show up empty handed to your sip and see, but then they will not feel the need to revisit your registry and show up with a larger-scale item. The real gift here is the gift of their presence, and being able to introduce your little one to the people who are most meaningful in your life. And if friends show up with flowers or a much-needed bottle of vino, well, that isn’t hurting anyone 🙂

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