How To Host the Best Galentine’s Day

By Carolyn Stine February 7, 2019 

Grab your galentines and check out our top 7 ways to host the sweetest soiree this February.


At the risk of sounding like a meme, let’s take a quick moment to salute the female genius that is Leslie Knope. For those of you who’ve never watched Parks and Rec (also known as, having lived under a rock for the past decade), we know and love Leslie as the godmother of the Galentine’s Day movement, whose banner slogan “ovaries before brovaries” we unite under on February 13th of each year.


Sure, you can meet your girlfriends on February 13th for a glass of wine. No problem. Fine by us. But if you’re looking for a more amped-up way to show your lady friends that you care this year, then we suggest hosting a Galentine’s Day event of your very own. Read on for the loveliest ways to get your ladies together this Galentine’s Day.

Get on the Brunch Bandwagon

First of all, brunch is really just breakfast with alcohol on a weekend, which instantly makes us love it all the more. Secondly, you can host a Galentine’s Day brunch on the weekend before or after the big holiday and your friends will love you for it. Our favorite way to do it up is with heart-shaped pancakes (use these molds to make them oh-so-easily) that your guests can choose their own toppings for. We like chocolate chips and blueberries, but also pomegranate seeds and sliced banana with almond butter to mix things up. We also love making heart-shaped egg in a hole, which the ladies can slather with sliced avocado and drizzle with hot sauce. Our hack is to use these heart-shaped cookie cutters to punch holes in your toast before you crack an egg into the heart-shaped crater.

Be Mine?

Remember when you used to go to school on Valentine’s Day and trade cards with all of the kiddos in your class? And remember the thrill of receiving a valentine in the mail? Recreate that experience by setting up a make-your-own valentine bar at home. Fill your dining room table with red and pink construction paper, heart-shaped hole punches, glitter, and stickers galore and let your friends have at it with childlike glee. Whether they’re making valentines for their S.O.'s, their dog walker, or their work wife, they’ll love making them and the recipients will find joy in receiving them. Set out bowls of all of the classic Valentine’s Day candies to fuel the creative crafting.

Big [Screen] Love

We all have our favorite romantic comedies (hello, You’ve Got Mail!). But what about the movies that are all about strong ladies with even stronger female friends by their sides? Cue up your Netflix with all of the best Galentine’s Day-friendly films, and throw a movie night. We love Clueless, The Sweetest Thing, Bridesmaids, First Wives' Club, and Thelma & Louise for getting the girl power mood set just right. Old-school popcorn and candy combos (plus red wine and rosé, duh) will be the icing on the cake of this evening.

Swap Your Heart Out

During the holiday season, we’re not scared to admit that the cookie swap with our best friends is one of the events that we look forward to the most. So, we asked ourselves, why is this sweet event limited to only once per year? Enter: the Galentine’s Day dessert swap. Everyone gets to make their dessert of choice - from delicate macarons to Milk Bar's Compost Cookie. Consider this a dessert potluck for you and all of your best lady friends. Because let’s be honest, dessert is everyone’s favorite food group on Galentine’s Day anyways.

Do You Accept This Rose?

It’s the week of Galentine’s Day. People’s calendars are rapidly filling up. The only open night is… Monday. But wait, on Mondays don’t we stay home and watch The Bachelor?? You heard it here first ladies, The Bachelor viewing party is the new Galentine’s Day party. Not only is this a show built on the premise of love by way of red roses, but it is the perfect excuse to drink champagne and play a love-related drinking game. Try this - anytime anyone mentions Colton’s virginity or hears him use the word “journey,” you have to take a sip of your sparkling beverage. Goodnight, and good luck.

Shop 'Til You Drop

With all of the love-related events we have coming up in 2019 (hello wedding season, we see you), sometimes we feel like we’ve exhausted the “shop your closet” mentality that we try so hard to live by. But no one ever said anything about shopping your friends’ closets. Instead of filing your shopping cart at Zara, put together a clothing swap with your best dressed girlfriends. Have them bring dresses that they’ve Marie Kondo-ed out of their closets, and you can all walk away with new options for the year ahead. Bonus points if you do a Sex and the City Movie-style runway show a la Carrie Bradshaw.

Flower Power

A bouquet of red roses at this time of year? Nice, but no thank you. We ladies don’t need a significant other to give us red roses, and we certainly don’t need an excuse to pamper ourselves with beautiful blooms. With flower arranging all the rage near and far, we thought that Galentine’s Day sounded like the perfect excuse to get your girlfriends together and make beautiful bouquets… for ourselves. Have everyone show up to the party with a bouquet and a bottle, then you can spread all of the blooms out on a table and everyone can pick and choose from different bouquets to make one all their own. We love that everyone gets to bring home a custom bouquet to go with their wine buzz at the end of the evening. For tips from Bashed on how to arrange flowers like a pro check here and here!

Will you be celebrating Galentine's Day this year with your squad? Meet us in the comments below and tell us how!


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