The Prettiest Beers and Ciders (Oh, and they taste good, too).

By Carolyn Stine February 5, 2019 

We rounded up the eleven best in design for beers and ciders (and they taste pretty darn good, too).

Our mothers always told us “it’s what on the inside that counts” and “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But we’ve been scouring the shelves for all of the best and brightest on the beer and cider scene, and we hate to say it, but in this case, we think mom was wrong with a capital W. Not only is the beer and cider scene packed with more tasty and flavorful options than ever before, but the packaging is absolutely off the charts too. They say that you eat with your eyes first (or in this case, drink), and so we couldn’t help but get excited about some of the breweries and cideries out there putting out cans and bottles that look like mini works of art. So here at Bashed, we’re bringing you both style and substance with our 2019 guide to all of the prettiest beers and ciders on shelves right now (and they happen to taste pretty freaking delicious, too).

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Bauhaus Brew Labs

Right in the heart of Minneapolis, Bauhaus was named for the famed German school of art and design, so it’s no wonder that their colorful cans reflect an artistic sensibility. Our favorite of their mainstay brews is the Wagon Party, a west coast-style ale with notes of tangerine and apricot. They also have a pretty sick selection of seasonal brews with gorgeous cans, such as the “Winterloper” baltic porter and High Vice cherry berliner weisse (bonus points given to punny names).

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Graft Cidery

A sister and brother duo started this local Hudson Valley cidery with the aim of making old-world cider into more of a modern brewing experience. They offer everything from rustic table cider to seasonal rose cider, and also have a Cloud City line that has lactose added to the cider for a creamy, dreamy flavor profile. Their cans are designed by Caleb Luke Lin, and illustrator who we can’t get enough of (you can find prints and accessories featuring his illustrations here).

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Marz Community Brewing

Gorgeous, illustration-wrapped glass bottles - check. A gluten-free IPA that we can’t get enough of - check. An emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility - double check. This Chicago brewery has it all, and their secret weapon is the artist Nana Nozaki, who designed their whimsical labels.

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Wren House Brewing Company

From Arizona, with love. This southwest brewing company is all about a bright color palette, and the flavor in their beers is out of this world. We recommend New Tricks, a milkshake IPA that’s kettle soured and finished with oodles of fresh raspberries. But our favorite can has to be the “Highway Vacay” (which even won an award for best beer labels of 2018).

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Good People Brewing Company

Being New Yorkers and all, we’re a sucker for anything that gives a nod to our concrete jungle. Well, this Alabama-based brewery just so happens to feature the iconic yellow cab on their can, so we were sold even before we tasted the delights insider. We devour the Coffee Oatmeal Stout, but also love the Muchacho, a Mexican-style lager with a zesty turquoise label.

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Sundstrom Cider

The story of Sundstrom ties together roots in Germany, Oregon, and the Hudson Valley to create a really rich patchwork of cider influences. There is almost a painterly, impressionistic quality to the cans, which features a gorgeous smattering of pastel artwork that you won’t want to miss out on.

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Modern Times Beer

Get this: not only does Modern Times make a fantastic selection of craft beers, but they have a coffee business two (aka two of our favorite things). Let’s focus on the brews for a second though. The typography on these cans against the simple design makes them some of our favorites on the market these days. Nowhere is it more fun and playful than on their monthly seasonal variety cans, which feature crazy pops of color and bold graphics.

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Four Corners Brewing

Bienvenidos a Dallas! This Texas brewery has both a space and a can design that make it one of the most highly Instagrammable breweries we’ve caught sight of. All of the cans feature Tex-Mex illustrations referential to south of the border, and the flavors range from Queen Bee grapefruit saison (with a Frida Kahlo look-alike on it) to the classic Sol Y Luna lager.

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Oliver Winery Hard Cider

The passion project of an Indiana winery, the Beanblossom Hard Cider features a label so intricate that you can barely take your eyes off of it. Part sketch, part cartoon, all style, these labels weave their way around an absolutely delicious cider. Get in both the classic, apple-y cider, or the peach flavor (our preference).

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Creature Comforts Brewing Co

Is it weird to display these cans at our apartment? (Asking for a friend). From the bold two-tone design on the Tropicalia pale ale to the vast selection of limited release cans featuring everything from mountain scenes to disco balls, we love that each type of beer from Creature Comforts has a distinctly personal design. Oh, and we really enjoy the beer too.

Prettiest Beers and Ciders

Hudson Valley Brewery

If there was an element of zen in any beer can design, it would come from the Hudson Valley Brewery beers. The cans themselves feel like they contain an element of storytelling - you’re pulled into little scenes on their Territory, Map, and Gemheart beers, which also happen to be tasty sour IPAs.

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