Awards Season Is Here! Here's How to Throw Your Party

By Carolyn Stine January 23, 2019 

When you love a champagne bar, but are trying to up your awards season hosting game for 2019.

Anyone can host an awards seasons party, and we’ve been to many of them over the years. A bottle or two of champagne, a hastily printed ballot, some snacks, and you’ve pretty much got the standard order. But you should know by now that here at Bashed, we strive to go above and beyond, and think outside of the (ballot) box.

So, as you’re gearing up for the SAGs, Grammys, Academy Awards, and beyond, we put together the Bashed guide for hosting an awards season party in a fun and funky way that will have your guests saying “can we do this again next year?”.


“I’d like to thank the Academy…” Sitting through those cookie cutter acceptance speeches all night can be a bit of a mood killer, so we propose going back to your childhood roots with us here. Enter: the acceptance speech mad lib. Print these bad boys before your party and hand them out at the beginning of the evening. Your guests can take turns reading theirs during the dreaded commercial breaks, and there is a 200% chance that they will be funnier than what you’re seeing on the silver screen.

Iconic Looks

We ALL remember Gwyneth’s bubblegum pink gown and J.Lo’s slit-to-there Versace number. So why not take a cue from the greats and have the dress code for your soiree be “favorite iconic looks”? Whether you want to go classic noir Julia Roberts or veer into Bjork swan-dress territory, it will give your guests an excuse to glam up with a theme.

Stay Golden

Go for the gold (literally) by having a signature color palette for your festive fete. We love creating a snack bar with all kinds of goodies that fall in the same hue. Think clear glass jars and bowls filled with kettle corn, golden Oreo’s, chocolates in gold wrappers, Golden Grahams s’mores treats… you can really get creative here. You can even use edible gold leaf to adorn your non-gold snacks and give them that decadent edge.

Custom Awards

An award ceremony within an award ceremony? We’re all about the meta. Throw it back to summer camp and give out paper plate awards throughout the evening for your guests. They can be as innocent as “best dressed” and as hilarious as “the friend who’s already failed at their New Years resolution.” Winners get a mini bottle of champagne to take home with them at the end of the night.

Drink to That

When in doubt, make it a drinking game. Whether you’re sipping champagne or something more sinful, there are some classic awards show moments that happen year after year, and there’s no better way to pay homage to them then with a little sip of your bev of choice. Some of our favorites are to take a sip...

  • Whenever a presenter stumbles over their teleprompter lines
  • Whenever someone mentions Trump or the Republicans
  • Whenever a winner claims that “they weren’t expecting this”

Penguin Party

How is it that the women spend months choosing a dress and have a glam squad of 5+ people getting them dolled up, but the men just throw on a tux? Level the playing field by making it a penguin party this year. Provide your guests with paper bow ties on arrival, and have a polaroid camera at the ready for capturing these sweet lewks.

A Star is Born

If you’re more in the mood to host a dinner party than a cocktail party for the Grammys this year, consider setting it all to music. Match each course to a an accompanying song that’s nominated, and share the playlist with guests at the end of the evening. Think “Shallow” with a soup course and “I Like It” with a caliente make-your-own taco spread.

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