7 Unexpected Ways to Visit NYC Museums

By Carolyn Stine January 18, 2019 

We pulled together the seven most ingenious ways to experience NYC museums with friends in a new way this winter.

Sometimes we feel like once we’ve checked a New York City museum off our list, we are less likely to journey back again in the future. Unless there’s a big ticket exhibit, we say to ourselves “been there, done that.” Well, with the chill of winter in the air (and not going anywhere anytime soon), we started to contemplate large spaces with central heating where we can hang out with our friends. Just kidding. We started to contemplate all of the incredible museums that NYC has to offer, and how we can take advantage of them in new and exciting ways. The icing on the cake here is that there are so many ways to visit a museum that are above and beyond just strolling through and viewing the art. So we bring you the Bashed guide to visiting NYC museums with friends this winter, in ways that are unexpected, mind-expanding, and just plain old fun.

MOMA Quiet Mornings

Trust us, the first Wednesday of every month is going to be your new favorite day of the month. Enter: Quiet Mornings at the Museum of Modern Art. Not only do you get to peruse the latest exhibitions without the hustle and bustle of crowds, but you have the option to partake in a guided group meditation to help your crew start their day on a zen note. Grab a coffee afterwards before you head back to the real world, and greet the new day with ease.

From Art to Fine Dining

Two of our favorite restaurants to open in recent memory have, in fact, been a part of two of our favorite NYC museums. Consider the stuffy, overpriced museum cafe officially a thing of the past. With both Flora Bar at the Met Breuer and Untitled at The Whitney, you can turn a day out with friends into a one-two punch of art and a delicious, gourmet meal.

The Price is Right

When many of us think of a museum excursion, we think of a weekend day exploring with friends. But why not rethink when you visit that museum, and also save a buck or two? Both the Guggenheim and the New Museum feature a “pay what you wish” option if you go at specific times that vary from the masses. Instead of the regular $25 entry (that’s like 5 lattes!), you can make an entry donation of your choosing, and so your group can save a few extra dollars for drinks afterwards. For the Guggenheim it’s Saturday evenings from 5-8pm, and at the New Museum it’s Thursdays from 7-9pm.

Art and Sound

Combine two of our favorite activities, art and yoga, and what do you get? A really fun, educational, and enlightening evening with friends at The Rubin. They are hosting evening events that combine vinyasa with a sound bath, which is a fantastic way to unwind with friends after a long day at work. Trust us, you’ll sleep well that night.

Bring the Little Ones

Across the river in Brooklyn, our friends at the Brooklyn Museum are rethinking how moms and kids can visit a museum together. They have a regular event called Stroller Tours that sets up a kid-friendly journey through the museum and includes touchable elements, songs, and more. It’s the perfect way to connect with your mom friends without having to hire a babysitter.

Fine Art Meets Hip Hop

Do you know about the Arms and Armor department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Honestly, we didn’t remember it either. Well, now you’ll never forget it. The MET is hosting a monthly series this year where they’re bringing in the urban dance organization Dancing in the Streets of the South Bronx to perform live dance battles amongst the arms and armor. It’s free with museum admission, and happening one Friday a month through June, in addition to Saturday afternoons.

At the Eye’s Level

When we came across Ann Lindberg’s incredible exhibit The Eye’s Level at Museum of Art and Design, we loved the otherworldly feel of the collection. So imagine our delight when we discovered that the museum is hosting meditation workshops specifically tailored to this exhibit, which allow you to spend time contemplating the art itself? Sold. Gather your girlfriends and experience this female artist’s work in a completely new and different way.

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