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By Peyton Ladt Sterns January 15, 2019 

Weddings, le sigh. So much fun to envision, so much fun to dream about, but girl, you know that they are no joke to plan. From the bachelorette to the photographer to the honeymoon, here at Bashed we’ve been striving to bring you tips and tricks on how you can make the planning process ​that​ much easier on yourself. One of the most daunting areas of all continues to be the wedding registry - which is why we’ve turned to Zola.

We did what we do best and pulled from our own experiences with registries and spoke to an arsenal of Bashed brides about what they loved and what was challenging about creating a registry for their big day. And the name that kept coming up time and time again was Zola.

Yes, Zola is not only a real word, but the name of a brand that will streamline and add joy to your wedding registry planning in a way that we did not fathom could exist. It’s a free platform that seeks to reinvent the modern gift registering process, and allows for the flexibility that you want in creating your registry, whether with items from an amazing collection of brands, or investments in that overnight sail on your honeymoon.

And because Zola is the fairy godmother of registries, they’re offering Bashed readers a $50 credit towards your Zola registry when you sign up. Consider it our New Year’s gift to all of you brides and brides-to-be out there!

Here are some of the top reasons why we heart Zola:


A True One-Stop Shop

With so many modern brides out there these days with vastly different styles,​ it’s hard to fine one store that fits your aesthetic and has everything you need. Enter Zola. Zola uniquely gives its couples the option to include traditional home gifts, experiences, ​and​ honeymoon or other personal funds. You may need a few big-ticket items for the house (helloooo Vitamix!), but you may also need help with your honeymoon plane tickets, or simply want to treat yourself and your hubby to an in-home massage when you get back from your travels. Sold yet? They also provide your wedding guests with the ability to pool funds together for a group gift, which allows you to get what you really want and in a way that is easy and fun for guests to gift. We used this feature to help us make all of our honeymoon experience dreams come true, and we’re eternally grateful.

Make your registry dreams come true too, sign up now and receive $50 credit towards your Zola registry

“Right around planning my wedding, my mom kept insisting I create a registry... ASAP. I was hesitant because all I wanted to do was focus on my honeymoon. Zola was my answer. I am type A and I love a system and a list, and so Zola’s organization was perfect for me. Additionally, Zola's registry does not require​ ​you to note a dollar amount for open-ended gifts. For example, for our honeymoon in Italy, friends and family were able to gift whatever amount they wished towards our trip. We didn’t have to note that we needed X amount for flights, Y amount for a cooking class, etc. No one could see what amounts others gifted, and that sense of privacy was really nice. It all felt extremely personal, and allowed us to go on an amazing honeymoon to Italy!” ​(Grier, Bashed reader and Zola Bride)

ALL of the Brands

You know your taste better than anyone, and whether you’re looking for tea towels for a French country kitchen or items with a super minimal aesthetic, all of your favorite brands are on Zola. We love that not only is there an amazing diversity of brands, but there are options for every price point. So whether it’s a Le Creuset casserole dish, a new library of cookbooks, or those luxe Frette linens that you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find all that and more on Zola. And if, for some crazy reason, you don’t see everything your heart desires, Zola gives you the option to add products from other websites to your registry. Literal perfection.

You Get to Choose When​ ​You Get It

Can we take a quick moment to pause and appreciate what we’re about to share? Because it’s major. Zola gives you the power to choose when a gift from your registry ships. True story: when we were planning our wedding, our apartment looked like a pre-intervention home from the latest episode of Hoarders. Between the invitations that needed to be addressed, the bridesmaids gift assembly station, and the multiple wedding looks that we indecisively ordered filling the closet, the apartment was packed to the gills. If gifts from the registry had been delivered on top of all of that, we would have had to stay with friends... until the wedding. And don’t even get me started on having to keep track of which gift came from which person for thank you notes in the midst of all of that mess (sidebar: Zola has a feature for that, too).

“I love that I could decide when an item shipped after it was purchased on my registry! We don’t have a doorman so being home to receive the packages was a big ordeal and the ability to plan for their arrival was a huge help.” ​(Lindsey, Bashed Partnerships Director and Zola Bride)

Easy-Peasy User Experience

Whether you’re 28 or 68, navigating Zola’s registry is a piece of cake (preferably chocolate buttercream). They also offer several fantastic features that allow you to think about and see your registry in different ways. One of our favorite Zola features is the “​Starter Collections​”, which introduces you to items that you may have forgotten you needed, or brands that you aren’t familiar with. We also love that Zola has super proactive customer service, and both leading up to and after the wedding they reached out to see if we needed help, and reminded us of outstanding credits that we hadn’t yet used.

The icing on that buttercream cake? For those lucky enough to be in NYC, Zola has a ​pop-up store​ that is an excellent way to touch and feel products before you add them to your registry.

“I loved Zola's townhouse. It was the only time my husband seemed engaged in the process because he could actually see and try the items. And unlike a place like Williams Sonoma, it wasn't staffed with pushy vendors but recent and really honest brides.”​ (Shannon, Bashed reader and Zola Bride)

Buyer’s Remorse on a Gift? You Can Revise It!

When we were planning a wedding in only eight months, we felt under the gun to get things done (and fast!) - including the registry. In that period of post-wedding mental clarity, we realized that we had included some items on the registry that we didn’t ​actually ​need and wanted to change. We cannot tell you how helpful it was to have the option to digitally exchange our registry items so that every gift that we received felt like it was something that we 100% wanted and needed.

“When we first registered, we had no idea what our forever home would end up looking like. Now, a few months after our wedding, we are excited to be moving into our new home, but what we need has changed since we got married. Zola made it simple for us to hold off on shipping items while we were in our temporary home, and then trade in those items that we didn't end up needing once we were ready. Not only was this a win for my husband and I because we didn't have to live amongst the clutter of cardboard boxes, but most importantly through Zola we were able to seamlessly switch some items like bookcases (thank you built-ins!) for credits that we used towards a gorgeous dining room table.” ​(Alyson, Bashed reader and Zola Bride)

This post is sponsored by Zola, a wedding registry site we trust and use. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Bashed.

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