The Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants to Visit in 2019

By Carolyn Stine January 2, 2019 

We rounded up the eight spots across the globe that will take your breath away in 2019.

Some places we visit for the coffee. Some for the tequila cocktails. Still others for the art, for the history, and to check them off of our bucket list of “must-do” items in each city that we adventure to. But what if there was another type of bucket list - one comprised of the most Instagram photo-worthy spots, the world over? We left no stone unturned as we pulled together our list of the places you need to see (and photograph) on your travels in 2019.

Jajaja, NYC.

Instagram-worthy restaurants
photo credit: Tiff Porter

Located at the southern edge of the Lower East Side, this plant-based Mexican restaurant may not seem like much from the outside. The interior, however, is a wholly different story. Like a little slice of Tulum in NYC, Jajaja hits all of the right notes - a gorgeous mosaic tiled floor, hanging plants and succulents, and vivid pops of color in the furniture and decor. The vegan nachos don’t hurt, either.

Atelier September, Cophenhagen.

photo credit: Millel Hariba and Line Thit Klein, courtesy of Atelier September

If the Danes know one thing (and trust us, after visiting Copenhagen, they know a LOT of things well), it’s breakfast. A Danish breakfast has quickly become one of our greatest pleasures in life, and the most spectacularly beautiful place to get said breakfast is Atelier September in Copenhagen. It continually baffles us how such an understated space can leave such an impression, but the decor is insanely well-curated and spot-on. Think mismatched servingware, rustic wood tables, and the perfect gallery walls that we want in our own homes. You’ll want to photograph every inch of this space (and stay for coffee and breakfast, too).

Healdsburg, California.

photo credit:

Part restaurant, part local grocer, part specialty shop, and part curated home goods experience, Healdsburg Shed is the place we didn’t know we couldn’t live without… until we first visited. The high ceilings in this light and airy space let the sunlight stream in, and it’s a truly a place you can go to for any meal and wind up staying for four hours just admiring the lushness around you. Sit inside at the counter, sit outside on the patio, heck we’d even sit on the floor here (and the food is just as incredible surroundings).

Elan Cafe, London.

photo credit: @elancafe

This flower-bedecked London cafe gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase “stop and smell the roses.” You won’t be able to walk out the door without taking an infinite number of photos with the wall-to-wall roses as a backdrop, and it doesn’t hurt that they have a delicious menu to boot. Stop in for a tumeric latte, chia seed pudding for breakfast, or afternoon treat (their cakes and tarts are legendary).

Odin Cafe, Toronto.

Instagram-worthy restaurants
photo credit: Ryan Fung

A cafe so gorgeous that we want to move in? We’re not gonna lie, we’ve pinned images from this modernist Toronto cafe because we secretly want our apartment to look like it. It is pure minimal-chic style, and it doesn’t hurt that they serve local Toronto coffee from Pilot Coffee Roasters as well. Don’t forget that they serve beer and wine after 11am too.

Cafe at Museo Larco, Lima.

photo credit:

Nestled in a flower and greenery-draped terrace on the grounds of one of Latin America’s most beautiful museums, the cafe at Museo Larco feels like a secret garden. Stop by for a drink or a coffee after wandering through the bougainvillea-bedecked museum grounds, and sit outside amongst nature at its finest. You don’t need to stay for a full meal to get the full effect here.

Merci, Paris.

photo credit:

We’ve been to Paris more times than we would care to admit, and Merci feels like the gift that keeps on giving. This concept store and cafe in the heart of the Marais is the place we never fail to stop into, even though we’ve been many times before. You’ll lose your mind over the carefully curated selection of home and lifestyle goods - from the lighting fixtures to bouquets of artisanal colored pencils, every item here feels like it deserves its own photograph. Plus, they have their signature red Merci Fiat parked outside in the courtyard, which you can’t miss snapping a pic of when you finally depart.

Corbaci Cafe, Vienna.

Instagram-worthy restaurants

‘Cause you’re a sky full of… tiles. With the idea of creating “heaven” on the ceiling, this Viennese cafe came to life and is an absolute must-see (and must-photograph) in Vienna. The ceiling is vaulted and covered in a graphic mosaic pattern that is simply gorgeous to behold. You may leave with a sore neck from craning your head upwards, but it will have been well worth it.

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  • Susan Moustaki says:

    Some of these photos are very blah. I think you definitely missed some of the most beautiful restaurants very close to the Marais section of PARIS with their vintage stained glass interior windows, and hand painted walls and ceilings.

    • Peyton Ladt Sterns says:

      Thanks for your comment, Susan! I love that area of Paris - what are some of the restaurants we missed there? Would love to get your take.

  • Carolyn Stine

    A party without cake is just a meeting.

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