Peyton Tries: Gender Reveal Cakes - How To Make An Explosion Cake At Home

By Peyton Ladt Sterns November 28, 2018 

You may have noticed a growing belly bump over the last few months in our videos...or my dark clothes to try to disguise it, but this bump won't hide anymore!

I'm so excited to share that we are expecting a baby boy due at the end of February! Although we went the more traditional route for our own reveal (the two of us, an ultrasound technician and a very descriptive monitor), there is a serious trend of gender reveals happening right now. Kate Hudson popped a balloon, Dustin Johnson, not surprisingly, used a golf club to smash a ball, and because we love all things baked - I had to combine two of the biggest trends we're seeing: the gender reveal and explosion cake. Check out our video below to see how it's done!

Pro Tips

  1. In order to get the cakes evenly cooked and have flat layers, use this wet paper towel in tin foil trick - it totally works!
  2. Use a variety of sizes for your "explosion" candy - including some small ones (e.g. sprinkles) to help create the cascading effect when you cut into the cake
  3. Don't waste your mini cake! Use the center pieces you cut out for the explosion candy and make a personalized cake...because why not?

Seen any great gender reveal ideas? I'd love to hear about them!

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