Good Reasons To Get Your Girlfriends Together

By Carolyn Stine October 30, 2018 

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good glass of red on the couch. Or that go-to Italian spot in East Village where we always end up with friends after work on a Friday. But hey, a girl’s gotta mix it up sometimes. Next time you’re in a ladies night rut, take some cues from our guide below. We’ll help you hit the refresh button on getting your girlfriends together (and don’t worry, there’s wine included).

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The “New” Book Club

Let’s have some real talk here for a moment: who uses book club as an excuse to drink wine? With half of the ladies speed-reading and half of them not having opened the book, it’s hard to get a group on the same page for a collective discussion. So why not change the book club format, and instead create your own book swap? Everyone can exchange their favorite books, and then when the recipient of the new book has read it, they can report back to the original owner. No timeline, no pressure. Just free-flowing wine, and free books.

We also love the idea of downsizing the book club idea to an article, or even a podcast. It’s a quicker read or listen that members of your crew can enjoy on the subway en route to work, or in 10 minutes at night before bed. Pick a podcast episode (we’ve been loving The Melissa Ambrosini Show lately), or an interesting article and have the ladies over to discuss (and drive wine, obviously.

Wine and Cheese of the Month Club

As if we needed another excuse to drink wine and eat cheese. Bring some excitement back to drinking wine on the couch with your girlfriends by each picking a month and hosting a wine and cheese of the month party. Create a sign-up sheet in advance so no wine and cheese are alike, and have the hostess share a bit of information about what she picked and why. We’ll be kicking it off with a manchego and tempranillo from Spain for our turn. Bon appetit!

Closet Exchange

There are three types of people. Those who never clean out their closet, those who clean out their closet and leave the bag of Goodwill donation items by the door for three months, and those who do this process quickly and efficiently (bless them). Regardless of what type you are, we all know that one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, which is why a closet swap is the perfect excuse for getting your girlfriends together. Channel a “Sex and the City” movie moment, drink some champagne, and have everyone bring a handful of items that are up for grabs. Modeling them for the group: optional.

Volunteer Together

With the holiday season nearly upon us, it is the perfect time of year to think about corralling your girlfriends to do something for the greater good. Pick a Sunday afternoon or an evening after work, and sign up to make or serve dinner at a local shelter. We love God’s Love We Deliver, where you can help with meal prep in the kitchen, and the Bowery Mission, where you can serve dinner, cafeteria-line style, including Thanksgiving dinner.

Around the World Dinner

Ever heard of chicken paprikash? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Unless you had our Hungarian grandmother, you wouldn’t either. The point being, we each have our own family recipes and meals that may be completely foreign to our girlfriends, and how fun would it be to get them all together and take turns sharing? One person may make authentic Greek food, another Southern soul food. Have the hostess send a follow-up email with the recipes so that everyone can recreate their new favorites in their own kitchens.

Supper Club

Legacy Records, Ugly Baby, Cote. What do these restaurants have in common? They’re all places that we’re dying to try but haven’t made it to yet. Have each of your friends choose one of their bucket list restaurants, and try a new one each month. That’s instant #foodporn for your Insta feed, and you’ll get to mix it up and check out new and hot spots along the way.

How do you like to get your gals together? Tell us below 🙂 

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