6 Ideas For Baby Showers That Don't Include Gift Opening

By Carolyn Stine October 19, 2018 

We reimagined activities for baby showers  with non-traditional ideas (and yes there are cocktails included!)

We open this article with a question - whoever invented the baby shower game where you melt fun-size chocolate bars in babies’ diapers and try to guess what kind of treat it is? Who?! Not that we don’t enjoy huffing melted Twix bars, but we figured that there needed to be some slightly more appetizing options out there when planning baby showers for our closest friends and family. So we took a slightly unorthodox approach and reimagined what a baby shower could be (with no “dirty diapers” allowed!).

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Mocktail/Cocktail Class

Let’s face it: sometimes the spa water at a baby shower just doesn’t cut it. Why don’t you get your ladies up off the couch and learn how to create something together? Something, perhaps, a little stiffer than a mimosa? Enter: the cocktail/mocktail class. Have a mixologist set up a bar right at your place, and learn the art of mixology with your favorite ladies by your side.

Spaaaaah Day

Relaxation. Pampering. Need we ask for more? Have the spa come to you with a selection of services, from manis to mini massages, to make sure that the future mama and her loved ones are blissed out and ready to take on the world (and the little one that’s on its way).


A shower that combines zen mindfulness with a heart-warming activity? Sign us up! Meet HeartKnit, an organization that brings guests together to knit a blanket for the little one who is on its way. Not only is it a relaxing group activity, but at the end of the shower you have created something that the mother and child will use and cherish for years to come.

Ask a Doula

Doula: a word that seems to be on so many of our friends’ minds these day. These women serve as physical and emotional support systems and advocates, throughout a woman’s pregnancy and birthing process, and are an incredible source of information and comfort. Whether your friends are newly pregnant, pregnancy veterans, or potentially interested in potentially becoming pregnant someday, having a doula come to your shower for a friendly Q & A over drinks and treats is an incredibly relevant and grounding way to reimagine your baby shower.

Cupcake Decorating

As much as we love our kale, at the end of the day, all we really want is a cupcake. Get your ladies together for a private cupcake decorating class at the OG - Magnolia Bakery, which offers these classes at locations across the country. Take your sweet treats that you’ve decorated and head to brunch around the corner at The Ribbon (in NYC) to continue the celebrations.

Nursery Nurturing

Whether the nursery is a newly converted office or a sunny corner in your apartment, getting the nursery set up is one of the quintessential nesting stages that a mom-to-be goes through during pregnancy. We love the idea of having your closest circle of women over to help you with this nesting phase. How about a decorating-themed shower where everyone wears an old pair of jeans, rolls up their sleeves, and helps you to decorate a wall of the nursery? That could include painting a mural, applying wall decals (we love these from Etsy), or even getting inventive with Washi Tape. Let your girlfriends help you bring your nursery to life on your special day.

Do you have any fun activities you've hosted at your baby shower or attended at a friend's? Tell us all about it!

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