Cocktail Bar Ideas for all of Your Fall Occasions

By Carolyn Stine October 10, 2018 

DIY is a DO in our book when it comes to guests creating their own signature cocktails at your next big bash.

Customizable! Personalized! The customer is always right! These days, we are all about “having it our way.” And so we had a think on how we could take the signature cocktail concept a step further for our next fall bash. The answer? A build-your-own cocktail bar with fun and interactive options for all of your guests, centered around the best fall occasions for entertaining. Et voila - you can all have your proverbial tequila and drink it, too.

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Apple Picking + Cider Bar

We look forward to a trip to the apple orchards with a vengeance, so why not turn it into a fun group activity? Have your friends back to your place afterwards to chill out with cider-themed cocktails that truly taste like fall in a glass. It goes without saying that a pot of hot spiked cider on the stove is a must, but what about an apple cider dark and stormy, and an apple cider old fashioned to round out your build-your-own drink selection? Set out some cinnamon sticks, cloves, and star anise as garnishes.

Marathon Sunday + Bloody Mary Bar

What does Marathon Sunday mean to us? CARBS. When paired with our favorite daytime drink, the bloody mary, this is an unstoppable duo. Mix up your mary offering with both the conventional cocktail with vodka, and also a bloody maria with tequila. But the fun part? The garnishes! A heaping selection of olives, pickles, celery sticks, lime wedges, and hot sauce will have your guests coming back for more.

Halloween + Punch Bar

Whether you’re looking for tricks or for treats, nobody can resist a big punch bowl decked out with spooky garnishes and accoutrements. We obviously love being on-theme and chose two of our favorite punch varieties. This pomegranate tequila punch has a rich (blood-like?) hue, and looks fantastic with pom seeds and little plastic spiders afloat on top. This grilled citrus and grape sangria is deep and darkly colored and looks fabulous with a faux hand perched right on the side of the bowl. Boo.

Monday Night Football + Beer Bar

No fall season is complete without Monday night football, and no football game is complete without a cold beer. But a case of Bud Light? Not the sexiest drink offering. We pulled together some of our favorite beer-infused cocktails, from a spicy michelada, to a brewsky sangria, and finally a ginger shandy that add a fun build-your-own element to the classic “beer and wings” football combo.

Friendsgiving + Fall Fruit Cocktail Bar

Friendsgiving is one of the days we wait for all year, and we dream about those classic holiday dishes (hello, pumpkin pie!). So why not recreate your favorite fall flavors in cocktail selection as well? We love a cranberry spice cocktail, the bourbon pumpkin smash, and our new favorite, a persimmon sour. Bonus points if you decorate the bar with the fruits from the drinks as well.

Holiday Brunch + Bubbly Bar

Champagne hits all of the high notes for us - it’s sexy, beloved by all, and all you have to do is pop the bottle to enjoy it. So it’s a no-brainer to doll up your champagne flute with a holiday bubbly bar for your next soiree. We love making our own peach puree and squeezing our own orange juice for bellinis and mimosas, and then providing a wealth of garnishes and finishing spirits so guests can go crazy customizing. Our “musts” are Creme de Cassis, St Germain, raspberries, and pomegranate seeds to float on top.

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