Reinventing The Cocktail Hour

By Carolyn Stine September 25, 2018 

Cocktails and appetizer combos that will have them coming back for more at your next soiree.

As much as we love planning a dinner party menu, sometimes we get *slightly* sad when cocktail hour ends and everyone has to assume their seat at the table. There’s always little magic that happens when our friends and fam are mingling over a stiff cocktail and a delicious bite. While we love a glass of wine or a bourbon on the rocks as much as anyone, we thought we’d show our love for cocktail hour by taking things a step beyond and putting together our dream pairings of cocktails and appetizers for your next soiree. Pick one, and don’t forget to invite us (we’re great guests, we bring dessert).

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Micheladas + Homemade Guacamole

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years from entertaining, it’s that Mexican food is a home run. Every time. We love a spicy michelada, complete with a chili rim, alongside a cool dip of guac on a crunchy corn chip. Not only are both of these recipes a cinch to make, but they will disappear quickly. Trust us.

French 75  + Smoky Popcorn

A little fiz, a little sweet, a little crunch, a little smokiness. Sounds like a recipe for success for us! It doesn’t get more refreshing than a French 75 with that kiss of gin, and we love umami-ness of this spiced-up popcorn, which they serve at one of our favorite spots in Menlo Park. We can't get enough of these cocktails.

Aperol Spritz + Prosciutto and Melon

Remember that fabulous summer trip to the Italian coast? Yeah, now your guests can too. Take them on an Italian journey by serving up a classic aperitivo with a quintessential, fresh Italian appetizer, prosciutto y melone. Bonus points if you eat it with your fingers and yell “mangia!”.

Old Fashioned + Roasted Orange and Paprika Almonds

Nothing gets a party started like a stiff cocktail, and the classic old fashioned certainly fits the bill. We love how the orange notes in this cocktail are echoed in these smokey and citrusy almonds, which are absolutely addictive to crunch on.

Vodka Martini + Caviar Blinis

Peanut butter and jelly, Carrie and Big, vodka and caviar. Now these are some made-for-each-other matches. Get your party off to the right start with a chilled vodka martini, paired with indulgent blinis topped with caviar and creme fraiche.

Sake Cocktail + Sushi

For those of us with no time to cook and plate an app, your local sushi spot can become your best friend. Place an order for an assortment of rolls, put them out on small dishes throughout the room, and pair them with a fabulous sake cocktail. We love the Kyoto Sour, which has grapefruit and a dash of tabasco for an unexpected bite.

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