How To Write a Thank You Note

By Carolyn Stine September 24, 2018 

We interview Forbes, Refinery 29, and Huffington Post writer Elana Lyn on how to compose the perfect thank you note for after your big event.

It’s so easy. You unlock your home screen, write a few quicks lines in a text or email (all while multitasking), and click send. Boom, thank you message is complete. But when is the last time that you sat down to write a proper thank you note to someone who did something special for you? Elana Gross, writer and founder of the lifestyle blog Elana Lyn, is a lover of the written word, and a consummate believer in the lasting power of a handwritten note. We sat down with her to chat about why a handwritten thank you is so often the most special gift that someone can receive, and these days, sometimes the most unexpected.

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In this digital day and age, do you feel like a handwritten thank you is still relevant?

Handwritten notes are absolutely still relevant! And you’ll stand out because fewer people are sending snail mail thank you cards these days. I think it shows your appreciation better than a text or email ever could -- handwritten notes have always felt more personal and intimate to me.

What occasions should we be penning thank you notes for?

I recommend writing thank you notes for gifts you received, to thank a host or hostess if you go to a dinner party or holiday party or stay with a friend, and for anything having to do with the job application process like thanking your references, job interviewer, and anyone who has helped you immensely with landing a job.

What makes a thank you note special and memorable?

I have always had a soft spot for stationary. You can customize it or buy a pre-made set that matches your personality. Of course, what makes the note special and memorable is what you write in it -- take time to write a thoughtful, heartfelt note.

What should we avoid when writing a thank you note?

Don’t just say thank you -- add in details like why you love the gift, why you enjoyed the interview and think you’ll be a good fit for the job, or even why you are so glad you are such close friends!

Do you have any favorite stationary spots for picking the perfect card?

I love making custom stationary with The Stationery Studio - your recipient of will be receiving a one-of-a-kind note.

What’s the best thank you note you’ve ever received?

Oh goodness, I don’t know if I could choose the absolute best one I’ve ever received, but I do keep a shoebox in my room with cards and notes people have written me. It goes to show that a handwritten note is something that you want to hold onto.

What are your go to spots in NYC for:

Coffee: Dean & Deluca - love their iced coffee!

Breakfast: Effy’s

Lunch: Community

Dinner: Pizzeria Sirenetta and Playa Betty’s

Drinks: Manhattan Cricket Club

If you could invite 7 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would it be?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Sheryl Sandberg

Gloria Steinem

Taylor Swift

Billy Jean King

Joan Didion

Nora Ephron

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