No-Bake Desserts for Your Next Dinner Party

By Carolyn Stine September 17, 2018 

Not a baker? Not a problem! These no-bake dessert recipes are sweet tooth-satisfying, without the need of a piping hot oven.

Ever been to a dinner party where the hostess was no baker, but felt like she needed to try her hand at it anyway? Yeah, we’ve all tasted that dry chocolate cake before. While we always give an A for effort, we also believe in playing to our strengths, and not forcing oneself to bake a towering cake if that’s just not your thing (or not your night). Enter: the no-bake dessert game. We came up with a hit list of all of our favorite desserts that require zero oven time, but still make you look like an ace of a hostess.

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Espresso Creme Brulees

No need for post-dinner coffee, this easy dessert recipe has you covered. We love the combo of the coffee with smooth white chocolate, and guests love that they each get their own individual dessert. Win-win!

Recipe from Martha Stewart

Icebox Chocolate Cheesecake

The ultimate “cheat” dessert that looks like cake, tastes like cake, but requires zero oven time. Leave this cake in the fridge overnight, and voila! Awake to a perfectly moist chocolate-y cheesecake. Pue magic!

Recipe at Food & Wine

Ice Cream Bonbons

Ice cream is delicious any way you slice it, but sometimes you want a little more “wow” factor than scoops in a bowl. Enter: the ice cream bonbon. These little guys are the perfect two-biters for when you just want a little something sweet, and you can use any flavor your heart desires.

Recipe at Food & Wine

Peanut Butter Oat Bites with Sea Salt

Peanut butter, dates, and oats may sound healthy(ish), but these moist cookies will leave every sweet tooth satisfied at your dinner table. They’re great to make ahead, and (bonus!) gluten-free for any discerning guests.

Recipe at Food & Wine

Frosty Strawberry and Cream Milk Shakes

Say hello to the kid in all of us with these playful, classic shakes. The lemon zest helps to cut the sweetness, and if you’re feeling frisky, you can always add a little limoncello to spice things up.

Recipe at Food & Wine

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