Our Favorite BYOB Dinner Spots Around the Country

By Carolyn Stine September 6, 2018 

For when you want to get the group together and curate the wine but not turn on the stove, here are the best places to host a BYOB dinner across the country.

The date is set. The crew is solidified. The excitement is building. The issue? You don’t really want to have to deal with hosting a dinner party that evening. So why not relocate your group to a local institution that lets you bring your own beverages and craft a remote dinner party? No menu prep, no cooking, no clean-up, et voila! Welcome to our list of the best spots across the country to host a BYOB dinner party.

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Lucali in Brooklyn

If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for us! Lucali is a world-renowned pizza spot that lives up to the hype every time. The concept is simple: go early, put your name in, and hang out with your crew a round the corner at June, a natural wine bar, while you await your pizza experience. Don’t forget that this spot is cash-only.

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Schwa in Chicago

In Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, Schwa is a unicorn of a restaurant due to the fact that it has a more upscale feel and a prix fixe menu, but allows you to BYOB. This is the perfect solution for when your group wants to splurge a little bit on dinner, but not spend an arm and a leg on the vino.

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photo: Bob Packert

Black-eyed Susan’s in Nantucket

Both the quintessential summer dinner destination, and one that’s just as charming during the off-season, Black-eyed Susan’s is a Nantucket institution. You can make reservations in advance here so accommodating a bigger group is a cinch. Request the outdoor table if you can, and don’t forget to order the linguine with local clams. This is a cash-only spot as well.

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Cha Cha Chicken in Santa Monica

For when you want to enjoy a glass of sunset champagne at Shutters on the Beach, but not blow your budget on dinner there. Just a few blocks away is this uber-casual Caribbean joint, which feels beachy, has menu items that are perfect for sharing, and allows you to sit outside and drink your favorite BYO cerveza.

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photo: Ted Nghiem

Little Fish BYOB in Philadelphia

Easily one of the best dinner experiences in Philly, Little Fish BYOB has a short menu that changes daily based on the catch of the day. The food is insanely fresh, and atmosphere has a neighborhood feel, and you can’t beat picking your own Vermentino to pair with their out of this world octopus. Make a reservation as far in advance as you can.

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photo: allthingsmeetings.com

Feastly pop-up dinners across the country

No matter where you live, you should know about Feastly. We love this idea for a unique dinner party with friends, old and new. Feastly hosts chef’s table events with different themes in different cities, many of which are BYOB dinners. A perfect example is the upcoming “al pastor” dinner in San Francisco, which features a plant-based menu, let’s you bring your own wine for the meal, and is a steal at $35/head for your group.

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