We Paired Our Favorite Movie Snacks with Summer's Must-Sees

By Carolyn Stine August 29, 2018 

Is your crew in need of AC in NYC this summer? Plus up your movie-going experience with the best new films of summer, paired with BYO movie snacks.

Our mother used to joke in the summer that when we weren’t sure what to do with an afternoon, we would go to the movies for the AC and the snacks. The funny bit is, some things never change. Some of our favorite memories are of getting our girlfriends together on a Friday night and heading to the movies. We took it a step further and put together a list of gourmet, DIY movie snacks to accompany all of the films that are on our list right now.

Movie Snacks: Monster Oatmeal Cookie Bashed - Bashed NYC
photo: ambitiouskitchen.com

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? + Oatmeal Cookies

The life of Fred Rogers (also known as the beloved Mr. Rogers) takes center stage in this beautifully done documentary. And what better way to relive childhood than with freshly baked cookies to munch on? We love this plussed-up recipe for oatmeal monster cookies, complete with almond butter. Bonus points if you wear a cardigan to the movie theater.

Movie Snacks Energy Balls Bashed - Bashed NYC
photo: minimalistbaker.com

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again + PB Energy Balls

How else would one fuel all of the in-seat dancing you’ll be doing during the much-awaited sequel to the toe-tapping Mamma Mia? These little energy balls truly taste like peanut butter cups and happen to be vegan, plus they travel well and are easy to make for a crew.

Movie Snacks Wasabi Peas
photo: tastintable.com

Crazy Rich Asians + Wasabi Peas

When that popcorn crunch isn’t enough and you need to spice things up, nothing satisfies our craving like homemade wasabi peas. This movie snacks also pairs perfectly with the big screen adaptation of the guilty pleasure read, Crazy Rich Asians. Stash some nori chips in your bag if you need a little extra umami.

Movie Snacks Trail Mix Bashed - Bashed NYC
photo: rootandrevel.com

Mcqueen + Ultimate Trail Mix

Get to known the man behind the eponymous fashion brand with this beautiful documentary. And obviously, you need a gorgeous trail mix to go along with it (because, make it fashion). This trail mix is chalk-full of dried strawberries and goji berries for color and a hint of sweetness.

Movie Snacks Everything Bagel Seasoning Bashed - Bashed NYC

Mission Impossible: Fallout + Everything Bagel Popcorn

A classic blockbuster movie calls for a classic snack: popcorn. If you don’t have the time to pop your corn on a stovetop at home, grab some Skinny Pop and toss it with everything bagel spice for a hit of crazy flavor as you watch Tom Cruise repel down a sheer cliff face.

Movie Snacks Leather Fruit Rolls Bashed - Bashed NYC
photo: daringgourmet.com

The Spy Who Dumped Me + Homemade Fruit Leather

First off, we love any movie with Mila Kunis. Second, we can’t say no to a power girl duo in any film, and this one happens to be hysterical as well. For a little bit of sweet and tart to accompany, these homemade fruit leathers do the trick every time.

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