An Engagement Party Your Guests Won't Forget

By Carolyn Stine August 28, 2018 

As the pomp and circumstance surrounding weddings has evolved, we’ve seen more and more loved ones throwing engagement parties to celebrate their exciting status change as a couple. These engagement parties often feel like mini-weddings, or foreshadowing for incredible weddings to come. So we dreamed up what we believe would be fun and original ways to celebrate our newly-engaged mates. And yes, one of these options includes a pinata.

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Piggyback on a Holiday

Everyone loves a reason to get dressed up and be festive on a holiday, and what better excuse to throw a party than a newly engaged couple? Enter: the holiday engagement party. We have friends who are dreaming up a Halloween engagement party at the moment, which will require costumes for guests and feature on-theme spooky signature cocktails and treats.

Will Travel for Dinner

Friends fighting over who gets to host the happy couple for their celebration? Why not let everyone host? Each friend within a reasonably close distance can choose a course, and guests will travel from apartment to apartment to complete their meal. Bonus points for a champagne toast at every location 🙂

BYOB, please!

The only thing better than drinking champagne at a lively fete celebrating your engagement is getting to drink champagne hand-selected by your loved ones. Enter: the BYOB restaurant. Stake out your favorite BYOB spot (we love Speedy Romeo in NYC, Malibu Seafood on the water in LA, and Smoque BBQ in Chicago, to name a few), bring all of your favorite beverages, and celebrate the night away.

Host a Chef’s Table Dinner

Have you ever pictured the perfect private space for an intimate dinner party, complete with a hidden outdoor garden? Guess what? This exists, and we found it. Enter PDR, a private dining space in Brooklyn that will host anything from a classic farm to table dinner, to a curated Asian street food meal for your engagement party. We also love The Garden at Del Popolo in SF for their incredible outdoor space, which also has the option of putting up a heated tent for your dinner.

Throw a Lively Fiesta

For that tequila-loving couple, why not make their engagement sing with a Mexican-themed fiesta? We love the idea of a make-your-own taco bar, margarita station, and possibly even a piñata interval for the feistiest of the group.

Celebratory Scavenger Hunt

Picture this: a lovingly-planned scavenger hunt that takes the newly engaged couple all over the city, with clues that document their romance. Even better if it ends at a party with all of their loved ones. This unique engagement party has the potential to be hysterical, fun-loving, and sentimental, all in one afternoon or evening.

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