The New Wedding Welcome Bag

By Carolyn Stine August 14, 2018 

Sunscreen, Advil, a water bottle. We've all seen these routine wedding welcome bag items. Here are some tips for creating a welcome bag for your special day that's both exciting and feels fresh!

What if all of the preconceived “rules” were off the table for wedding welcome bags? What if they didn’t need to include the obligatory Poland Spring water bottle, and instead could exist on the wavelength of the funny and playful and personal? We took a stab at reimagining the wedding welcome bag with all of the fun, funky, and witty things that we would love to see at the next wedding we’re attending.

The new wedding welcome bag Bashed - Bashed NYC

Map of where to find hangover food

We’ve all been there. It’s the morning after the wedding, there’s no brunch (or brunch was less than desirable), and all we really need is a greasy bacon egg and cheese. Luckily enough, there was a carefully crafted note in your welcome bag that told guests precisely where they can find it. The wedded couple has officially achieved MVP status.


A “Facebook” of the other guests attending

As weddings swell in size, sometimes you may be faced with attending an event where you don’t know many of the other guests. Lucky for you, the couple getting married included a fun “Facebook” of the guests in your welcome bag, so you can browse for familiar faces and/or potential dance floor dates.

Sometimes a little extra jolt of caffeine is needed before a long night ahead.

The New Wedding Welcome Bag Bashed - Bashed NYC

Cold brew coffee

Sometimes a little extra jolt of caffeine is needed before a long night ahead, and what better thing to sip on while getting ready than a cold brew coffee? Bonus points for including a cute paper straw.


Song request form

Let’s face it - everyone has their favorite song (or 5) that they know they cannot resist breaking it down to on the wedding reception dance floor. Include a “song request” card in your welcome bag, and have guests bring it to the reception and drop it in a fish bowl. The band or DJ can choose the lucky winner(s) throughout the night, and it will save the trouble of overserved wedding guests making special song requests!

The New Wedding Welcome Bag Bashed - Bashed NYC

Bride’s favorite baked good

We recently attended a wedding where the bride shared her favorite chocolate chip cookies, the ones she grew up making with her grandmother, with guests at the reception. We’re taking this a step further - what if each guest got one in their welcome bag? It’s personal, it’s sweet, and it’s all about family - what’s tastier than that? Our fearless founder took this approach for her wedding welcome bag and baked 400 cowboy cookies for her guests: "It was a way for me to share something I love with the people I love and hopefully show them in a small way, how much I appreciated them making the effort to be there."

Custom playing card deck

Picture this… you open up the wedding welcome bag, and there’s a custom playing card deck with photos and funny facts of the guests on each card. Not only will this inspire laughs of the belly variety, but this is the perfect save-able item that your guests can use when they host their next dinner party.


“Meet Up” assignment

A challenge has been issued from the bride and groom - in your welcome basket, you’ve been assigned a new friend to go and meet at some point during the wedding. It could be the groom’s grandfather who shares your sarcastic sense of humor, a friend from college you’ve been hearing about for years, or another fun single wedding attendee. Included is a name, photo, table assignment, and their relationship to the bride or groom. Now your job is to hunt them down and strike up a conversation!

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