Refreshing Cocktails for Your Next Summer Bash

By Carolyn Stine August 10, 2018 

As much as we love a crisp, dry rosé on a steamy evening, sometimes we’re in the mood to mix up our summer flavor palette. Enter: the signature cocktail. A bespoke cocktail served as your guests enter the door is the perfect way to experiment with festive flavors when the weather heats up, and make your guests feel welcome at the same time. We rounded up our favorite cocktails that feature interesting ingredients and flavor profiles that will keep your guests cool as your night heats up.

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Summer Night’s Dream

Tequila, Aperol, rosé - this cocktail is pretty much like summer in a glass. Plus, we love how the aperol adds that bright splash of blood orange color.

Source: Elle Decor

Water Tower Watermelon Cocktails

As Ina Garten once said, “How easy is that?” This two-ingredient cocktail is chalk-full of juicy watermelon, and gets a nice aromatic note from the vermouth.

Source: Imbibe

Ginger Beer Margarita

Two of our favorite ingredients, tequila and ginger beer, are married in this crisp and flavorful cocktail. We love the extra kick from the fresh citrus as well.

Source: Town and Country

Campari Spritz

One of the hottest drinks of the summer, we love a good spritz before we sit down to our meal. We wanted to go beyond the trendy Aperol spritz and try something different, and this Campari spritz, garnished with briny olives, fits the bill perfectly.  

Source: Serious Eats

Pimm’s Cup Slushy

This playful slushy appeals to the kid at heart in all of us. The cucumber is such a fresh addition, and you get bonus points if you serve this cocktail with funky straws.

Source: Town and Country

Basil Gimlet

We’re all about using up our leftover cooking ingredients in inventive ways, and what better way to salvage that summer basil than to add it to your signature cocktail? The unexpected celery notes are the star here, and are our new favorite cocktail ingredients.

Source: Wine Enthusiast

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