The Next Trend of Bachelorette Party Destinations

By Carolyn Stine August 3, 2018 

Planning a bachelorette for an atypical bride? Think beyond the cliched bachelorette destinations that we all know and love, and plan the trip of a lifetime that’s a bit off the beaten path.

Nashville. Miami. Charleston. Vegas. Montauk. We all know and love our bride friends who have had bachelorette parties at these prime locations. But we also have those special friends who think a little bit more outside the box, and what better way to pay tribute to their quirkiness than to plan a unique bachelorette party perfectly suited to their dispositions? Solution: we put together a list of “unconventional” bachelorette locations that will have even your zaniest bride feeling like the weekend was tailor-made for her. Here are the next trend of bachelorette party destinations.

Ojai, California

This lush, orange grove-filled oasis just east of Santa Barbara is the perfect place to commune with nature, while still indulging in a luxe setting. Stay at the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn, and spend your days there horseback riding, hiking through the hills, and enjoying the incredible spa at the hotel.

Vibe: tastefully relaxed, early evenings only, outdoorsy without the hippie vibes

Ojai California Alternative Bachelorette Party Locations Bashed - Bashed NYC

Portland, Maine

Quintessential New England, we love that this charming seaside city can be accessed both by road trip or a quick flight. It’s super-walkable, there are excellent breweries (hello, Allagash!), and the seafood just cannot be beat. Don’t forget to make a reservation at Eventide Oyster Co!

Vibe: easy to get to, must love seafood, surprisingly active nightlife

Portland Maine Alternative Bachelorette Party Locations Bashed - Bashed NYC

Marfa, Texas

For the adventurous art-lover, there is no better place to venture to than the modern art mecca of Marfa, Texas. Camp out in a yurt at El Cosmico if you’re feeling brave, or post up at the Hotel Saint George for more modern amenities (and pool access). Tour the Judd Foundation, eat copious amounts of Tex Mex, and explore all of the funky galleries that this tiny town has to offer.

Vibe: funky, off the grid, road trip, not even remotely fancy

Marfa Texas Alternative Bachelorette Party Location Bashed - Bashed NYC

Anguilla, British West Indies

If your bride wants the beach, take her to this under the radar gem of an island in the Caribbean. It’s easily accessible via St. Maarten next door, has the white sand and turquoise water beaches that are the stuff of dreams, and some of the best culinary destinations for miles around. Plus, you can wear flip flops all weekend long.

Vibe: good for foodies, luxe resorts, bring your passport

anguilla alternative bachelorette party locations Bashed - Bashed NYC

Mexico City, Mexico

For a bride who is game to explore and doesn’t want to be posted up on a beach, a quick flight to Mexico City will land you in the center of boundless culture. Explore the city on foot, eat tacos to your heart’s content (don’t forget the tequila!), and all for relatively cheap as well.

Vibe: adventurous, city exploration, spicy food appreciation necessary

Tacos Mexico city Bashed - Bashed NYC

Park City, Utah

If the bachelorette happens to fall during the wintertime, why not hit the slopes in style? Park City has zero altitude to adjust to, is less than an hour via Uber from the airport, and has some of the best skiing out west. Plus, the restaurant and bar scene there has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years.

Vibe: outdoorsy, good nightlife, apres always

Park City Utah Alternative Bachelorette Party Locations Bashed - Bashed NYC

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