Peyton Tries: The Milkbar Compost Cookie Recipe

By Peyton Ladt Sterns August 1, 2018 

I'm just going to admit it. I've been on a semi-unhealthy Christina Tosi/Milkbar kick. I recently devoured the latest episode of Netflix' Chef's Table featuring the down-to-earth-highly-ambitious Tosi, where I fell in love with the story of her generational ties to baking and her love of junk food. Then, in a sign from the baking gods, a friend gave me the Milkbar cookbook, which houses their most delicious and recognizable recipes - from crack pie to birthday cake and the cereal milk in between - and I knew I had to try something. In my interminable quest to bake the perfect cookie, the Milkbar compost cookie was my target.


The recipe is easy enough to follow and there aren't any wild technical baking skills needed. The biggest ally in your quest for compost cookies will be time. Most notably, the graham cracker crust requires its own set of ingredients to get to the final result that you can add to the cookies, and you will need to chill the dough for an hour before you bake it.


If it wasn't delicious, it wouldn't be on the menu at Milk Bar, so there's that. I will say however, that I was expecting and excited to taste more of the Cape Cod chips and pretzels than what came through. The most powerful flavor you'll recognize right away is the ground coffee.

What I'd Do Differently Next Time

  • The recipe calls for mini chocolate and butterscotch chips - and you should follow that. I found mini chocolate chips, but used regular size butterscotch chips instead of the minis, and depending on the bite, I could taste the difference.
  • Typically non-refrigerated or less refrigerated dough is softer, but of the recommended 1-24 hours the recipe calls for, I only chilled the dough for an hour and it still came out much more crunchy than the original - which some people prefer! Because I like my compost cookie a bit softer, next time I'll take them out of the oven at 16.5 minutes rather than leaving in for the full 18.

Perfect For

Birthday party (kids or adult), baby shower, bridal shower, graduation party.

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