So What’s the Next Flower Crown?

By Carolyn Stine July 31, 2018 

We all know those wedding trends. The flower crowns. The naked cakes. The “his” and “hers” cocktails. Chances all, we’ve been there and experienced that, in the name of the bride, true love, and perhaps even an Instagram-worthy moment. But we found ourselves wondering (said in Carrie Bradshaw-style, voice-over narration), what’s the next frontier of wedding-related trends? Read on for the best up-and-coming, non-flower crown-related moments that should be on your radar for upcoming wedding experiences.

Flower Crowns at Wedding Bashed - Bashed NYC

1. Pass the dessert, please

A plated slice of cake at each guest’s seat? Thing of the past. Passed desserts and dessert buffets keep guests on the dance floor, grant them flexible timing for sugar consumption, and give them a selection to choose from if cake is not their style.

2. Balloons are the new florals

Flower archway? Try a balloon archway. Inspired by the incredible balloon stylings of Geronimo, couples are opting for playful balloons as accents and decorative elements at their receptions.

Balloons at Wedding the New Flower Crown Bashed - Bashed NYC

3. Neon, or it’s not on

Custom neon signs are cropping up everywhere, and provide a decorative element that the wedded couple can keep and incorporate into their home long after the reception is over.

4. Goodbye, 3-course dinner

Less formal and structured dinners are coming into vogue, which means that the couple has infinite choices at hand for their main meal. Make your own taco stations? Family-style asado? Anything goes, people!

Neon Love Sign The New Flower Crown Bashed - Bashed NYC

5. DIY or die

From craft your own cocktail stations, to DIY favors such as an opulent candy bar, couples are opting for the gift of choice for their wedding guests. Plus, who doesn’t love to bring a goodie bag filled with their favorite sour candies home with them at the end of the evening?

6. Green machine

Fresh greenery is eclipsing blooms as the star of the show, and some designers are even incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables into their tablescapes. Think fresh lemons scattered across the table, amongst tea candles and herbaceous greens. Time to think outside the flower crown!

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