Rooftops and Gardens for Your End of Summer Soiree

By Peyton Ladt Sterns July 26, 2018 

The end of summer is quickly approaching which means if you haven't gotten your friends or team together for an outdoor bash, now is the time! That's why we've rounded up our picks for rooftops and outdoor gardens for your end of summer soiree.

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Terrace at Ainsworth Midtown

Max Standing Capacity: 200


The Ainsworth is known to attract the sports-enthusiast with their ever-present very large HD TVs and at this midtown location, you can have the New York wind in your hair, and baseball game too.

Ainsworth Midtown Terrace

Penthouse and Rooftop Garden at Bread And Tulips

Capacity: 100 Standing


This rooftop is very centrally located and super versatile. Invite your friends, and work colleagues here.

Terrace Suite at Hotel on Rivington

Capacity: 60 Standing


Who doesn't love a mini staycation? Rent the penthouse and reap the benefits of the entire rooftop terrace.

Rooftop Terrace Hotel on Rivington Bashed - Bashed NYC

Outdoor Garden at Wythe Hotel

Capacity: 150 Standing


Brooklyn has some pretty amazing views of the city, but we're also partial to this outdoor garden space. It's so beautiful, you may just want to save it for a special occasion.

Wythe Outdoor Garden

Garden at Marché Maman

Capacity: 20 Standing


Gather your girls here. Maman just does everything cuter than everyone else.

Garden at Marché Maman

Biergarten at The Chester

Capacity: 300 Standing


This place brings a different flavor to meatpacking, and we appreciate it. It's casual enough to let your hair down but still serves up the cocktails and food you'd expect in the area.

Beirgarten at The Chester Bashed - Bashed NYC

North Cabana at La Sirena

Capacity: 300 Standing


The Cabanas feature patios with weatherproof retractable glass roofs for open-air summertime. Take advantage while you can!

North Cabana La Sirena Bashed - Bashed NYC

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