Hostess Gifts That Never Go Out Of Style

By Peyton Ladt Sterns July 18, 2018 

When it comes to hostess gifts, it's easy to rely on old faithful, aka your friend's favorite bottle of bubbly, but we love the idea of gift giving with a purpose, which is why we've rounded up our favorite summer hostess gifts that never go out of style.

Malin + Goetz $55

Deciding which fragrance from the line of Malin + Goetz candles is like Sophie's Choice. The good news is, whatever you decide, your hostess is sure to enjoy.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Columela $18

This is for the host who likes to cook. You’ll be the hero when she runs out and remembers she doesn’t have to make a trip to the grocery store.

Gourmet Salt
Jacobson $35

Salt is one of those items that we always need in our kitchen. We typically have the basics on hand like kosher and Himalayan, but some times it takes a gift from a friend to help you explore the diverse variety of salts like habanero, black garlic and pinot noir. Do like the girl group and spice up your (hostess') life.

Compartés Chocolate Bar $10

Compartes Rose Wine Chocolate

Have you ever met a chocolate bar you didn't like? Neither have we. We love Compartés in particular because of the elegance and creativity they bring to their bars. This special edition rosé chocolate bar is actually infused with rosé wine. Proving that yes, dreams really do come true.

Potted Plant
The Sill $48

This is a great gift for someone who likes plants. But if your friend can barely keep the basil in her fridge fresh, steer clear of this and opt for flowers in a vase (so she doesn't have to spend the time finding one while she's trying to host).

Tea Towels
Hawkins $20

These linen tea towels go with almost any kitchen, no matter the style. If you're like us, you run through several on any given night of entertaining and we always welcome more.

Cheese Knives
Anthropology $20

Because you know you want some cheese with that wine, and you can't have enough cheese knives as the hostess.

Baguette & Jam
Bonne Maman $25

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Your hostess has probably been uber-focused on her fabulous dinner, but what about breakfast the next morning? She'll so appreciate having one less thing to think about...a sure fire way to secure your next invite.

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