Frosé started to hit the scene last summer, but this year, thing’s are getting even rosier. That’s why each Friday, we’re putting on our (f)rose colored glasses and hitting up the best spots in NYC for frosé. Frosting at the mouth for more? We’ve also uncorked the recipes so you can make your own frosé in the comfort of your home. Check back each week for the latest addition.

The Wing

If you’re lucky enough to be a female in NYC, and happen to belong to the women’s social club/co-working space that’s taken over your Instagram feed, your day just got even better because they to, have frosé. If you’re not a member, find a friend who is. If you don’t identify as female, this post will have to suffice.

Frose at The Wing in Flatiron NYC

Frosé from The Wing, Flatiron


Strawberry syrup

Lemon juice


Punch Bar & Grill

If you’re into the more sugary slushy beach cocktail, this is the frosé for you. It’s mostly a sports-bar operation, so I appreciate the effort to have a frosé on tap. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but if you find yourself in Flatiron on a hot afternoon and need something to cool you down, it will do the trick.

Frosé Ingredients from Punch Bar & Grill




Beaubourg at Le District

The frosé at Beaubourg is really delicious. I was planning on having one drink (everyone knows the rules, ehem Barstool Sports pizza reviews) but I couldn’t help myself and had two. It was so refreshing, flavorful and delicate at the same time. The Melon Vodka gives it a bit of a twist, but you still know you’re drinking frosé. Run, don’t walk to have a glass…or two.

Frosé recipe from Beaubourg at Le District:


1oz Grey Goose Melon

.5oz Giffard peche

.25 oz Cointreau

3oz Rose

.5 oz Simple Syrup

.5oz Lemon Juice

How To:

Step 1: In a shaker add 3oz Rose, 0.5oz lemon juice, 0.75 oz giffard peche, 1 oz Grey Goose Melon, 0.25oz cointeau, 0.5 oz simple syrup

Step 2: Shake all ingredients

Step 3: Add to a blender with ice and freeze it up (alternatively make a batch and freeze for approx 1.5hrs and shake in a shaker to break up a little)

Step 4: Sit back and enjoy!

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