Summer Charcuterie Board

By Peyton Ladt Sterns May 30, 2018 

Charcuterie boards are a wonderful way to bring guests together and from the host’s perspective, they are super easy to make. During the winter, I typically use heavier cheeses, dark meats, and nutty or smoky flavors, but now that summer is upon us, I wanted to put something together that incorporates the freshness and greenery of the season. I found some beautiful cheeses from Murray’s Cheese Shop, stopped by my neighborhood joint, Beechers Cheese to pick up the prosciutto, and picked up the rest of the ingredients along the way. Here’s how I created my summer charcuterie board.

Incorporate Flowers

It's easy for me to order the cheeses I know are a tasty sure thing. But with a change in season, I was inspired to look for something new for the summer charcuterie board, and I stumbled upon these incredibly tasty cheeses from Murray’s that do the decor work for you with flowers and greenery pressed into the cheese.

The Hudson Flower is an aromatic blend of rosemary, lemon thyme, elderberries, and hop flowers. It’s rich and creamy with an explosion of flavors.

The Petit Billy cheese is a delicious and very light-weight goat cheese from France (think ricotta but more firm). I love that it’s also wrapped in a beautiful green leaf; not only does it help to keep the moisture packed in, but it provides a beautiful pop of color for the presentation.

You’ll also see that I added in some baby’s breath for décor. It’s delicate and pretty, but unassuming enough to let your food shine.

Be colorful

Ever since our Flower Centerpiece Tutorial with Flower Girl, I have been on a monochromatic kick and decided to go with primarily greens and whites for this summer charcuterie board. But summer is the perfect time be bold and colorful - think blueberries, dragon fruit, and bell peppers for a pop of color.

Include sweet and savory

A change in season also means a change in what people are craving. I don’t know about you, but the warmer it gets the more I want cold, fresh, juicy foods – which is why I included grapes and cucumbers on this board. Fruit is a great way to bring in color and a diversity of flavors and a nice palate cleanser in between the meats and cheese.


I’ve noticed a recent trend with charcuterie boards, where every square inch of the serving platter is filled with something. It's beautiful from a presentation perspective (and for all of you Instagram lovers it photographs very well), but my personal preference is to keep a little bit of space between the foods.

Summer Charcuterie Board Ingredients

Hudson Flower Cheese
Petite Billy Cheese

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