A Seat At The Table With: Egg Shop's Sarah Schneider

By Peyton Ladt Sterns May 17, 2018 

Egg Shop is like the iPhone. We couldn't imagine it before it existed, we didn't know how badly we needed it until it was in front of us...and now we're addicted. In this case (pun intended) Steve Jobs comes in the form of Sarah Schneider: a bad ass California-born visionary and egg-obsessed woman. Here's a sneak peak inside the operating system of Egg Shop's, Sarah Schneider.

Where are you from and what brought you to NYC? 

I’m from a little town in San Diego called Coronado. When I was 21 I planned a trip to visit a girlfriend of mine who was living in NYC. I will never forget packing for the trip and saying goodbye to my dad, and he started getting emotional. When I asked him what was wrong, he said “I know you are staying there”. At the time I was planning on being here for a week, but my dad was right. Within a few days I called and said, “pack my stuff, I am staying”. There was something about this city and I have been here ever since. I’m 38.

What inspired you to open Egg Shop?

It sounds silly, but I truly just wanted a delicious egg sandwich that was not from the deli!!! Egg sandwiches were my go-to when I was young and broke trying to make it here! As I got older I began to care about what I was putting into my body; I wanted heathy organic eggs, and local ingredients. I couldn’t believe there was not a restaurant dedicated to the art of the egg sandwich! The menu has grown since then, but that was the genesis. I generally think I can find anything I want in NYC, and when that was not the case with the egg sandwich, I saw an opportunity and it has changed my life.

What was life like before you opened the restaurant? 

Most of my time in NYC I was working in wholesale for denim companies. All the big brands, AG, True Religion, Levi’s, Paper Denim and Cloth etc.! I loved what I was doing, I had an opportunity to travel and meet great people, but Egg Shop was nagging at me and I couldn’t get it out of my head! Honestly life was easier then, but the challenges and growth that have come from opening up the shops are much more rewarding. Working for yourself is terrifying, but it makes you feel alive.

Do you prefer to entertain in your home or in your restaurant?

Funnily enough I prefer to entertain at home. When I am in the restaurant I feel like I need to be working, it’s hard for me to relax and enjoy the beautiful spaces. I just run around like a crazy person micro managing everything!

If someone is coming to Egg Shop for the first time, what MUST they order? 

My favorite sandwich is the Pepper Boy. It’s indulgent and naughty, scrambled eggs, pepper bacon, bell pepper, gruyere, on a roll and hashbrowns of course!

What are your tips for cooking eggs?

This is embarrassing but I am not a great cook! My go to is always a “kitchen sink scramble”. Honestly our cookbook is amazing and has all the answers for egg cookery. Find it here.

What are your go-to spots in NYC for?

Coffee-Café Integral

Breakfast-Egg Shop!!

Lunch-Café Mogador in Williamsburg or De Maria in Nolita

Dinner-Kings County Imperial

Brunch-if I couldn’t go to Egg Shop I would go to Two Hands

Cocktails-Wine from Four Horsman. Their list is amazing!

If you could invite 7 people, dead or alive, to dinner, who would they be? 


Jimmy Iovine

Michelle and Barak Obama


Martin Luther King

William Shakespeare

Amy Schumer

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