8 Restaurants in NYC to Introduce The Parents

By Peyton Ladt Sterns April 13, 2018 

Introducing the parents is a big step in a relationship. It can be equally exciting and terrifying - wondering if they'll get along, hoping no one brings up politics, or the fact that your Mom has an entire room filled with stuffed animals from your childhood... the usual stuff. The last thing you want to spend time worrying about is where your version of Meet the Fockers will take place - that's where we come in. We've rounded up our picks for the best restaurants in NYC to introduce your parents.

La Pecora Bianca


If one part of the family equation is from California or some other warm climate, the Havana Room at La Pecora Bianca will make them feel at home. And even if they don't get along, the flowered wallpaper and rosé-lined walls will leave a smile on their faces.

Landmarc, Time Warner Center

Columbus Circle

If you’re looking to add a wow-factor to your dinner, taking the parents to Landmarc on the third floor of the Time-Warner Center is sure to do the trick. Need to make it a brunch with little ones in tow? The space is surprisingly kid-friendly on the weekend.



If your crowd resembles Serena Van der Woodsen’s parents and they don’t typically go below 42nd street, Vaucluse is where to go. The restaurant is quite sizable, and offers a beautiful bar if you need to get your party started with some dry martinis to loosen things up.

Quality Meats


Make no mistake, steak means business. If you’ve got some big meat eaters, you’ll want to meet them at Quality Meats. Although beef is on the menu, you won’t want to miss their 2 lb lobster roll and follow it with the burnt marshmallow.

Saxon + Parole


This spot is a nod to the family that hails from south of the Mason-Dixen Line. In a city that can feel busy and sometimes less than hospitible, Saxon + Parole is a breath of southern air so you can have your Manhattan and spicey deviled egg, too.



This sophisticated Italian restaurant is for the folks who like to wear a sport coat to dinner, and drink tequila at the adjacent Rose Bar, too.



If the rents have already met, and they’re relatively laid back, you can jump into family style tapas at Huertas. Note – we are talking about the East Village, so it will require some level of comfortability with the city for your VIP baby boomers.

Fig & Olive


Fig & Olive is an all-around safe bet if your group is keen on cuisine from the French Riviera. There are several locations around the city so there are a lot of opportunities to capitalize on convenience.

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