Friday Faves

By Peyton Ladt Sterns March 16, 2018 
Photo: Gretchen Röehrs / Courtesy of Rizzoli

Hey Friends! We hope you've had a wonderful week. Here are some of our favorite things from around the web. Have a great weekend!

Google tapped Dominique Ansel for National Pi Day.

Get to know the Bansky of Floral Design.

Brad Pitt produced this NYC restaurant-inspired show.

We can't wait to get this book of Edible Ensembles in our hands.

Boat noodles served in a parking garage.

Martha says you can drink ice in your wine.

Chocolate for breakfast is not just for kids.

8 things to drink on St. Patrick's day that isn't beer.

We're thinking if we make this, spring will come sooner...

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