How To Chill Wine, Fast!

By Peyton Ladt Sterns March 13, 2018 

We've all been there - it's 7pm, you got home from work later than you planned, and you've got thirsty wine-drinking fiends you call your friends coming over any minute - Oh! and you forgot to put the wine in the fridge. It's happened to us more time than we'd like to admit, which is why we needed this: five hacks for chilling your wine- and fast.

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Wet A Dish or Paper Towel: Wrap around your bottle of wine and put it in the fridge for 7-10 minutes. Pro Tip: Set a timer - the last thing you need is to go from warm wine to freezer wine.

Just Add Salt: Salt Bae would be proud of this move - set your bottle of wine in ice cold water and add salt. Why? Salt helps lower the freezing point of the ice water bath, allowing it to become colder and, in turn, making your wine chill faster.

Chilled Metal Stones: Some people consider it to be a faux pas to add ice to your wine (not Martha Stewart ), but if you're worried your guests might fall into this camp or if you want to avoid watering down the wine, use whiskey stones. 

Add More (frozen) Grapes: If you've never tried a frozen grape, run to the store immediately if not sooner and fill your freezer. We love to have these on hand to snack on, and they come in handy as a wine-chilling method, too.

Wine Cooler Sleeve: We typically use these when we're having a picnic on the go, but they can also be useful when you're in a pinch to to cool a bottle quickly. Here is our favorite portable option from Le Creuset.

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