The Bedford Cheese Shop Presents: 5 Crowd-Pleasing Cheeses For Your Cocktail Party

By Peyton Ladt Sterns March 6, 2018 

The Bedford Cheese Shop is back with their expert tips on all things cheese - this time, the most crowd-pleasing cheese for your cocktail party.

When it comes to serving cheese at a cocktail party, the first consideration should be flexibility. Nothing fussy. Nothing too strange. Seek out cheeses are flavorful without being overpowering, and that, when they hit your tongue, all you want is a long sip of a stiff drink. Here are our five go-to cocktail party faves at The Bedford Cheese Shop:

1. Harbison: cow, Greensboro, Vermont:

We never like opting for the predictable route - forget the usual suspects like Camembert, and treat them to something truly unique. Like Harbison. This cheese is our answer every friend (or customer!) who comes back from France endlessly spouting about the amazing and unparalleled French cheese they just consumed. We send them to Greensboro, Vermont to pick some blueberries, drink some craft beer, swim in a lake, and eat some Harbison.

2. Vermont Shepherd: raw sheep, Putney, Vermont:

In the cheese biz, we tend to refer to the people we work with by first name only -- chances are we’ve hung out with them, stirred some curd together, and talked more than just shop, because really, this is all about community. Bring it all home with this nutty ewe’s cheese made by David and Yesenia -- it is by far one of the best in the U.S., if not the world. It’s grassy, dewy and delicious. Pair with a sparkling cider, or bourbon, neat, your sophisticated party guests, and the overwhelming feeling that the world will be alright.

3. Roccolo: organic cow, Italy:

This earthy, creamy cow has a hay-like finish with a buttery beginning. It’s sour like fresh milk, and rich like Bloomberg; and did we mention it’s got no trans fat AND it’s organic…trust us...your guests will be happy.

4. Brabander: goat, Netherlands:

This super supple, yet not gooey goat is made in the shallow southern lands of the great country that is The Netherlands.  The coop that makes these massive white wheels gets their daily deliveries of milk from neighboring farms. Is that utopia or what? It’s gentle, buttery and slightly sweet.

5. Wrangeback: raw cow, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden

Nestled on an 8800 acre organic farm in central Sweden, the land where this unique cheese comes from was founded way back in 1225 by a group of monks who just wanted to make beer, eat good cheese, and bliss out on the land. So a natural pick for every single cocktail party.

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