10 Restaurants To Have A Bachelorette Dinner in NYC

By Peyton Ladt Sterns February 28, 2018 

You're the bride or a friend of the bride, and now you're tasked with finding a place to host all of your favorite gals. We know it can be a pain, that's why we've rounded up 10 spots perfect for your bachelorette dinner in NYC.

Indochine, Large Table
Capacity: 20


French-Vietnamese fare is served amid exotic decor of palm fronds & low light at this 80s-era spot. Celeb-sighting highly likely.

Sadelle's, Communal Table
Capacity: 18 Seated


This Major Food Group restaurant is sizable with very high ceilings which give it more of a grand room effect. Did we mention the hand-rolled bagels and Russian caviar served all day on the menu? Enough said.

Leuca at The William Vale Hotel, Private Dining Room
Capacity: 26 Seated


Have dinner in this gorgeous private room and then head upstairs to the rooftop bar to continue your bachelorette party evening and enjoy incredible views of Manhattan.

Empellon Taqueria, Private Room
Capacity: 35 Seated


If you have a big tequila-drinking group, this is the spot for you. Your bachelorettes will appreciate the mini bottles of tequila strategically placed on each table, begging to be opened.

Freemans, Wine Room
Capacity: 12 Seated


Freemans is just so much fun. If your guests have never been, they'll enjoy entering in an unassuming alley to get to the restaurant, then be greeted with taxidermy on the walls, and enjoy great food. Plus it's centrally located in the lower east side so you can easily take your bachelorette party to another fun spot nearby.

Barbuto, Chef's Table
Capacity: 10 Seated


Barbuto has been a long-standing quality and buzzy spot. It's a little off the beaten path of the West Village but totally worth the trip. Come for the party, stay for the roast chicken.

Rosemary's, Large Table
Capacity: 16 Seated


Rosemary’s is an Italian restaurant with a rooftop farm situated in the heart of Greenwich Village. We love the big open restaurant that transports you to the Italian countryside with the beautiful flowers and farm tables. Pro tip: head to The Happiest Hour or Slowly Shirly next door for drinks.

Lure, Large Table
Capacity: 20 Seated


Lure is a trendy spot that continues to stay consistently packed. Why? The seafood is delicious and the ambiance is a unique experience because you feel like you're walking onto a super sexy ship. Go and you'll see what we mean.

Sel Rrose, Back Room
Capacity: 12 Seated


A picture of rustic Parisian elegance with the weathered grandeur of an old Lower East Side saloon, Sel Rrose is the perfect and most unique setting for your bachelorette dinner. The back room is adjacent to the main bar so as soon as you're done, you can keep the party going. Must order: Oysters and the Lavender Piscine cocktail.

L'Artusi, Wine Room
Capacity: 16 Seated


At this yummy Italian spot, you’ll be set above the main dining room and surrounded by 2,000 bottles of Italian wines. Important to note: the room has two seatings: an early one at 6PM and a late seating starting at 9:30PM, or it can be reserved for the entire night.

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