Flower Girl Presents: How To Create A Flower Arrangement in 7 Steps

By Peyton Ladt Sterns February 20, 2018 

We have a confession to make. We're obsessed with flowers (and one of us even comes from a family of landscaping and nursery owners) but when it comes to creating our own arrangements, we basically grab some pretty flowers, a vase and hope for the best. Lucky for us, one of our venue partners happens to be a flower shop called Flower Girl. The owner, Denise Porcaro, was kind of enough to take some time to show us how to create a flower arrangement in 7 easy steps. Check out the video or read our step by step instructions below.

Step 1: Pick your vessel: It can by anything around your home. It's easier to use a vase that maintains the shape from top to bottom; it can be more challenging to arrange if it is fluted at the top. Squares also take a bit more flowers to arrange than a round vase.

Step 2: Choose a color palette. In this case we are working with pinks and purples. Not every flower has to be the same color, but they should compliment each other and stay within the same color palette family.

Pro tip: Cut stems at an angle to create more surface area so that they can drink more water and last longer.


Step 3: Select a variety of bloom sizes. Play around with a big heavy-hitter bloom of the season, down to smaller options like spray roses, and don't be afraid of using greenery.

Step 4. Create a grid using your greenery. This is the foundation for where your other blooms will live. You can always fill back in with more greens, but the grid will create clear areas to place your blooms.

Pro tip: Before you place your greens in the vessel, remove the greens that sit in the water, they can cause bacteria in the water and shorten the life of your arrangement.


Step 5: Place the blooms around your greens. There's no need to be too even with your sizes. It looks more organic if it's more wild. Any mathematical arrangements are usually not a good idea.

Step 6: Choose a (smaller) flower to cluster. Create a three-part or two-part cluster of a flower and place in a couple different areas in the arrangement.

Pro tip: Some flowers, like tulips, continue to grow when they're in water. The next day they can be a half inch taller - so keep an eye out for when you need to trim.


Step 7: Spin your arrangement. You want to look at your arrangement from different angles. Spinning the arrangement and looking at it from the level that people will be seeing it, is imporant. For example, if you are placing it on the dinning room table, be sure to look at it from the perspective of your guests sitting in their chair. You don't have to fill every whole, but make sure it's well-balanced.

To learn more about events at Flower Girl, head here.

To visit or order flower directly from Flower Girl, head here.

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